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I work in retail...….not a religious entity. One of our managers has begun saying, after our morning meetings, or even in passing after a short chat, "have a blessed day". I find this offensive, and have decided to start saying b "hail satan" in response. We'll see how this goes.

AzVixen52 7 May 5

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Yeah....good luck with that......or, you could spit in their face.after thinking it over...that might be too much like an assault

I'm lucky...……...I can walk under ladders.

@AzVixen52 that a mystical thing? Thats darling

@HankSherman It's from a Joan Armatrading song.


Getting upset every time someone says something with religious connotations to it is only going to make your life more difficult. I had a manager that, when she found out I was atheist, used to deliberately talk about religion in meetings and then single me out as an atheist. Ex. “ We all believe in a higher power, that there’s someone watching over and protecting us. Well, all except Alicia. She’s atheist.” For reference, this was a home health care company, so no reason to bring religion into anything. I tried calmly and professionally discussing how offensive it was to me and asking her to stop, but she just got worse. What the experience taught me is that I can either roll my eyes and move on or be miserable. I chose the former. In a situation where someone is blessing me or saying Merry Christmas or some other good-faith phrase, I choose to take it as “hey, that person said something that they feel is nice and I’m going to appreciate the thought.” I don’t have to agree with their beliefs to appreciate a nice thought.


I would act shocked and say, "Cool, I didnt know you are Wiccan". If they're Christian, they'll stop saying it for fear others will think they're Wiccan. Lol

Brilliant! I am now going to do that instead!


I hate it when store clerks do it. I probably look a bit maniacal.

But I've yet to find the appropriate response. It's their delusion after all and they're trying to be nice.

It was the National Day of Prayer the other day to which news I said "Hail Harry Potter". I'm getting jaded as I age perhaps?

I'm not sure what the answer is here - but good luck to you.

I like my response!


When Christian's say that to me I simply consider it an attempt to wish me well and let it go. Fundamentalist intolerance from Christians or Aethiest is tiring. Live and let live.

Agree totally. Christian/Atheist. Same coin. People first, doctrine last.

"Fundamentalist intolerance from Christians or Aethiest is tiring." Ok, then what is so wrong with saying "Hail Satan" to them?

@THHA Satan can't exist for atheists . Therefore , you're not acting via your belief system , You're simply trying to be offensive .

Sorry to disappoint you, but I an NOT an atheist, I am an agnostic. Any other assumptions you care to make? Supporting the religio-nazis is not much different than being one of them. These are the folks who support murder all over the world by supporting the war-for-profit lovers in Washington. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


This made me smile.

There is a tradition in our family, that developed from one of our ancient grandmothers.
As a child, she got pulled up for the use of profanity in vexing situations.
Her mother told her, that whenever she needed to swear, to just say "Bless You", or "Bless them"

So now, when we hear someone in on the joke say "Bless You", or comment on a group of people and say "Bless Them", we know what they REALLY think.

My recommendation is to answer with a phrase that conveys your discomfort, by putting them in an uncomfortable condition without being insulting.

I might be tempted with something really flowery like
"And a blessing upon your ancient ancestors and their distinguished progeny", followed up by a deep bow and a flourish of the hand.


It irks me, too. And I get blessed a LOT hereabouts. I've tried retaliating in a number of ways: replying with "May the force be with you, also"; "Live long and prosper!"; "Gesundheit!"; and my personal fav "Futue te ipsum-Go fuck yourself!-warning, though maybe don't use with a Catholic priest, most DO still know Latin!


You may find yourself ostracised and persona non grata. Maybe wise to let it go. It is your workplace after all where you spend a lot of your time I would suspect. Probably best not to sow seeds of antagonism.

Fuck That . . . . . that is weak. They are doing the antagonizing by their stupid "blessed day". Sometimes getting fired is a blessing . . . . been there, done that . . .

@THHA that depends if you can afford to get fired because of a pedantic personality. The strength is to recognise what is important from what is mere petulance.



This should end well. Please keep us updated.

I'll give you an update: today after a meeting (LP meeting) I spoke to one of the "big dogs" about this situation. I told I was going to say "hail Satan", and she laughed. She also thanked me for the info, and said she'd look into it. I quoted a fellow, intelligent Agnostic member's EEOC information, and she agreed with me. See? Win, win! 😉


That leaves yet another chapter. Now we need to know about the drama after she is confronted by mgmt. haha

@AzVixen52 good choice. Your initial plan didn't sound very smart.


Such a statement does not seem to be an attempt to foist his religion on people but rather to convey good wishes for others to have a good day. Since the intent behind this wish is kind, of course coming from a religious person, I would look to the intent. Having no ax to grind, nothing to prove, I would just accept his good intentions and respond: Have a beautiful day, too and thank you.

Not my style.


One of the meanings is for blessings = good fortune, so why not just take it as another version of: Have a nice day?

Good idea. Say Good fortune back to her.

Not my style


just blow it off...

Not my style


turn it around and joke back saying "under his eye"

Is that a reference to something specific?

Ward against evil?

Handmaid's Tale reference. And great response, btw.


Best wishes on your new job search.

skado Level 8 May 5, 2019

Right! I wouldn't bother correcting your manager. Just beat him to the punch,,, with many blessings!

Not searching at the moment.


How 'bout responding with "thank you".
I maintain that my life has been blessed, not by any deity, but by life itself. No deity required.

I'm only 118 pounds, so I'm light enough. Hail satan

two things always irritate me. one is being told to lighten up and the other is being told to calm down. they are always said to me when i am being light and calm. but even if i were serious and frantic, i don't see where it would be anyone else's business whether i was or not, nor anyone's business to try to change that, especially imperiously rather than compassionately. i do not see that vixen needs to lighten up at all. she is expressing something that concerns her and telling her to lighten up is the same as blowing off her concern. that's rude.



You are offended too eaisly. Why would that offend you? You make too much about nothing. The simple thing is to just ignore.No need foe militancy.

alon Level 6 May 5, 2019

Wow, for not knowing me, you assume a lot. And we all know what they say about assumptions...……..

you certainly do know what someone else should feel, or react too. you must be psychic. sometimes the simple thing to do is to roll over and play dead. however, i don't recommend it. maybe there IS a need for what you perceive as militancy. were you there? well, YOU are not the one who has to put up with the unwanted blessing, so it's pretty easy to say what you've said. wait until something upsets you and everyone tells you that you're upset too easily, because it isn't affecting THEM.



I don't have a problem with that unless your manager has been asked by you not to say it since you consider it offensive. I don't think of the word blessed in a religious way...its a feeling of well being to me.

I included my name in this answer, i agree with this answer.

The first time I ever heard that phrase was from a pagan friend of mine. Personally, I don't care for the phrase but I'm not going to bite someone's head off for saying it.


If you can afford to lose your job... go for it. It will be hilarious! 😀

I was thinking the same thing. The way things are now, any discrimination charges she brings will most likely be thrown out of court. Remember; religious tolerance is only for the Christians so they can discriminate against anything they don't agree with.


Of all the things to be offended by...

Sounds like a privileged upbringing to me! I am sure I can think up 100 things more offensive than someone wishing you well in their own vernacular.


I understand your frustration. It may be considered to be nice, but on some level, it's still an assertion that their beliefs are relevant in the work place. I saw a truck today advertising pest control, with Jesus fish symbols on it. I guess that was a signal to Christians that they should assume the business was more honest and scrupulous than none Christian bug killers?


I say "I guess that's better than having a cursed one."


One might as well be offended with the ubiquitous “Bless you” after you sneeze. Personally, I prefer “gezundeit,” as I am of German ancestry, and also because as a kid, I thought the word ‘gezundeit’ was more fun to say than the banal ‘bless you.’ I also think it’s better to save your offense for commonly heard comments which are far more offensive, such as, “someday you’ll see the light,” or “I’ll pray for you” in response to someone saying they are atheist.

I don't agree, but thanks.

Yes I DO inform people who just say it reflexively without aggressive intent. I say "No Thanks the first time" after that I tell them "Thanks, but I do not appreciate mythical incantations and they are not even consistent with your religion!, Please do NOT say that when I sneeze unless you intend to harrass me about being atheist which I am" IF they say it after that (with sensible exceptions) I say "FUCK OFF!"


good idea - piss off the guy that decides how your day will go - and probably what you get paid. Ignore the man or respond as Dave Allen (irish comedian) - may your god go with you - and one day it will

What makes you think it's a man?

@AzVixen52 just that I am an ignorant sexist homophobic chauvenist - I'm not really, making assumptions again - suppose it is unthinkingly playing the odds - sorry for the offense you may have felt


That phrase is exceeding condescending

Why condescending?

@Sdusmith, assumption of belief. But, you have a point; arrogant would be more accurate.

@Sdusmith the insinuation that you need them to bless you, or that they can confer “god’s” approval or kindness with a trite phrase



In order to retain our sanity in the face of of this type of mindless drivel we are sometimes driven to verbal retaliation. I use a simular tactic against those who cannot formulate a sentence without persistently saying ''You know''. Every time they say it I respond with ''I know''. In an amazingly short time you can see the brain engage and an effort to think about what they are saying is evident. So well done you.


Well, you're on their shit list...don't think it can't be used against you, because it can. You can be fired if they don't like your excuse will be easy for them to invent.

Realize that they are asking their invisible friend to think positively in your direction...hardly a curse, just their way of being nice.

Amazing...didn't know that NY, it's at your employer's mercy.

Naw….not my style

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