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Has anyone else noticed that religion is portrayed as truth and real history on most TV channels.Look at the history channel.

KICKN 5 Mar 18

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fascism is a religion too i guess

Lawrence Britt wrote about the 14 early warning signs of fascism. One is that religion and government are intertwined.

No, it's an abomination!

@fishline79 ha well, so is religion, as the Bible makes very plain imo. The NT is a record of the failure of a theocracy, after all?

These are my "Comparisons of Religion and Fascism"
Both have one supreme leader...Both attempt to convince and convert unwilling non-adherents...Both are didactic and reactionary...Both demand complete adherence to doctrine...Both are incompatible with Democracy...Both have a militaristic hierarchy...Both make extensive use of propaganda and lies...Both employ symbolism...Both demand unquestioning obedience...Both employ oaths and ritual practices...Both expect of their adherents that which they themselves eschew...Both resist reform...Both appeal largely to the least educated (with the exception of their leaders)...

@fishline79 plenty of warning in the Bible about them


The history channel stopped being history after a couple seasons.

Yes now it is fake reality shows.


The 'Hysteria' channel is there for 'entertainment only'. Not 'education'.

I disagree. I've learned a lot from The History Channel, and I often find myself checking other sources.I think they do pretty well.

@fishline79 I definitely agree .There are plenty of interesting programs still on that I watch.


The self-styled “History Channel” has been worthless for decades in terms of any real historical info. Even when they occasionally try to tackle some real history, they do a crummy job. As to religion in media, I think that, at a time when many traditional ideas and assumptions are being challenged, there seems to be some sort of awful consensus that religion and “spirituality” are not to be questioned. I hear a lot of educated people claiming that, even if based on genuinely crackpot ideas, believing in religion is still somehow “good” for us and for society. Yuk.


the history channel has become the aliens-made-jesus-walk-with-dinosaurs-despite-the-freemasons channel.


nice turn of phrase . . .


Most (religious) people believe it is actual history, when in fact most actual historical records haven't survived. A great deal of it was deliberately destroyed by the early Christian church. It is estimated that at least 98% was lost due to Christians destroying records and burning of the Alexandria Library.

As atheists/agnostics we need to point out that most biblical stories were taken form stories of other religions and cultures and where those stories appear in other religions and cultures they are considered to be "myths" and nto actual history.

Yes, and part of the arrogance of Christian cultures is that they refer to other religions as Mythology or Paganism, or even Heresy. Actually, that can also apply to Islam. The Japanese go so far as to refer to all other races as 'barbarians", so I guess Shinto must be the same.


Yes, that is a very good observation.This reminds me of some stupid cable channel show about Noah’s ark that I quickly turned off after they were talking about it like it actually once existed.


That channel has changed a lot since it started. I remember when it was about actual history. The proliferation of cable networks made them struggle for viewers and go to more sensationalist fare.

For instance, every other week is now Nazi Week on the History Channel.

The same has happened to "Yesterday" on UK TV. It used to carry a load of good programmes on historical incidents. Now it's predominantly World War fare.

@Petter So Yesteryear is a network?

When I was there, there were only 4 TV networks plus Sky TV on the satellite, if one was lucky enough to have one. And the 5th channel had just started, but as I recall it was basically highlights from the other 4, so why bother?

@Paul4747 There are scores of "free to air" channels broadcast in the UK "Freeview" terrestrial digital system, in addition to Satellite TV, some pay, some free.


The History Channel belongs in the dustbin of history, along with other mind suckers, such as In Search Of (hosted by Leonard Nimoy, of all people!) Ghost Hunters and Omni magazine!


In order for the indoctrination to continue, the poison must continuously be administered. Even though many now don’t occupy in part of their day questioning the human condition.


The victors write the history books and the Xstian West has had a lot of victories over the last few centuries, naturally they paint themselves as saviors and liberators.

Except for the time they got their asses kicked by Saladin!


Bad example as The History Channel has become the Conspiracy Theory Channel.

And the fake reality channel.


Television likes to promote lies instead of truths. Most of us secular people understand this. There are a lot gullible people watching television.

That may be how a reality TV entertainer became president.


There is very little history in the History Channel. More like fake documentaries today along the lines of current "Reality TV" and not much reality at all. You can't explain it because the aliens did it sort of thing.


Religion is part of history...unpalatable as that may be to us. Human history has religion interwoven through it and cannot be separated, just as past events cannot be changed. I don’t watch the History channel, because I don’t subscribe to cable TV, so am at a disadvantage to knowing what you really mean, but things are either facts or they are false. Is the History channel portraying biblical stories as fact?

Yes they are i get it streaming.

Right up to the edge of it. They treat the personalities as more or less real and seek explanations for the "miracles".


For some reason I don't understand, the media seems to do its best to promote religion.


Choose wisely grasshopper 😉.


Yes, likewise with entertainment. All too often I find some Christian based horror embedded in stories. What about other religions daemons producing floods, famine and fires for a change.
Back to the point, is there an agenda at work? Is a factual channel in the hands of evangelical Christians who are infiltrating the way history is put across?
Probably more accidental religious indoctrination slipping in through capitalist market forces. Look at what fills the programming now. Aliens, UFOs, myths, (still not) finding bigfoot, redneck hunters, nude survivors and Bear Grills. Mostly cheap to make and easy watching for trailer-trash semi-intellectuals.

Hey, 'Bigfoot' actually existed up until Jan. 7th. 2001 sadly. (LOL).
That was the nickname I gave my daughter since she stood 6 feet, 1 inch tall, could ONLY wear Men's size 9 and 1/2 shoes, usually MY boots to boot, from the age of about 14.
She loved the nickname " Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch" and was even called "The Gentle Giant" by her teachers even when she was in Kindergarten.

Some really great wisdom in your comment.....


Yes, it is disgusting.


I remember that once the 'history' channel had some real history but it seems people don;t want to hear or see this. It has become a channel mainly for entertainment. That's what sells.
I still remember, late one evening seeing a program about a KKK member gaining some information and managed to see the error of his ways and escaping the KKK. Then the show talked about anthropologists saying, outside of cosmetic and cultural differences there are no real differences between any people and race was a made up word. Tribe was a much better application. Later I tried to find that show and it was nowhere to be seen. In order to gain finances a media often has to appeal to a wide range of audiences and several times I have written the National Geographic on some story which tried to place religion in a good light.

I saw that show, too. Nor do I remember where or what it was called.

@fishline79 Good, so I'm not dreaming. It seemed to have disappeared. I wonder how much hate mail they got from that program.

@JackPedigo Donno, but the guy had guts. Was that the one where the Producer (or writer) actually infiltrated the Klan? Some of the most chilling footage, as I recall, involved the children.

@fishline79 It was. Good memory.


They're selfish assholes. People are in danger all around them but want their family to be spared because they're so damned special. All the while complaining about how easy it is for government to control the stupid people. No sense of irony at all.

To whom are you referring, Phoebe?


Aggravating isn't it

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 18, 2020

Yes its ridiculous


Put it this way: There is no liberal, atheist, anti religion anti "god" mass media that the loony & paranoid right wing would like us to "believe" (for lack of a better word) . Either another myth in their "brains", or another weapon in their propaganda arsenal. I'm really tired of guessing which

twill Level 7 Mar 18, 2020

The Motto of the history channel seems to be

Deus bonum
Nazus malum
dare pecuniam

*god good, nazis bad, gimme money


That would depend upon who their advertisers are.

Nat Geo is usually pretty impartial.

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