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LINK Gay people should not join Catholic clergy, Pope Francis says | World news | The Guardian

Over the past year I've had more than one run in here with residue Catholics who are adamant that Pope Frank is serious about changing the church on gays, non believers and alike. Well, time to face it: he's not changing anything.

So, all those same sex attracted Catholic leaning people, who, Frank says are so because it's fashionable to be gay, now know that the church isn't for them.

Who'd have thought? :-<

Seems Frank has worked out that the 'stringing them along' phase of his Papacy has out worn it's effectiveness.

Even the mainstream media are over it.


By David1955
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Problem is that the clergy, because of the rule of celibacy, specifically attracts men whose sexual inclinations are not accepted by the church. If you can’t marry a woman and make a bunch of Catholic babies (because you’re gay), and you can’t live as an openly gay man (because of the church) you join the clergy.

A2Jennifer Level 7 Dec 8, 2018

Considering that everyone knows that the RCC has high numbers of priests who are same sex attracted, even if non active, it makes the Pope's statement even more ludicrous. Since by implication the Pope's statement suggests that heterosexual but non sexually active priests are acceptable, it follows that his view is that there is something wrong with gay men for no other reason than their sexual orientation. Unless of course the Pope's view is that only males with no sexual orientation at all are acceptable, in which case he needs to do some serious reading about human sexuality. The logic is quite clear here.

@David1955 yep. It’s bad enough for the church to tell people that they can be gay as long as they don’t ACT on being gay. Now even that is not allowed.
And yeah limiting the clergy to asexual Catholic men is going to leave them pretty short handed pretty quickly. But as far as I’m concerned let them define themselves right out of existence.


Why did he not say that pedophiles should not join the clergy?

DavidLaDeau Level 7 Dec 5, 2018

Actually, if you deconstruct this nonsense, the logic is that homosexuals are not suitable as clergy because they are not "respectable" and something is wrong with them, and maybe they will mollest children, which is ridiculous, and ignores the huge number of children of both sexes that are victims of clergy. From my experiences raised as a Catholic a lot of priests are really gay, but that didn't mean they were child abusers. What the pope should say is, they shouldn't have celibacy in the priesthood, and attract low caliber people, whatever their sexual orientation, who are frustrated and have power over young people.

@David1955 I've seen a few accounts that up to half of Catholic clergy are actually gay. But let's put this to the side for now. The Pope proffer that we are all sinners and all sins deserve death, blah ,blah , blah. In this case he is suggesting that some sins are worse than others so much that people can not be an active part of leadership in the Church. That is rather profound. If all sins fall short of the glory of God and lead to death how could one sin be any worse than the other? It is all nonsense.

@DavidLaDeau Yes. All sins are equal, but some sins are more equal than others.

Catholics are pedophiles point blank period

@David1955 Wow! Could not have said it better!

@Blakadow That is simply untrue, and a harmful thing to say.

@DavidLaDeau YOU...ARE NOT...MAKING....ANY FUQIN SENSE....AT ALL!!!!!! At 1st u said could not have said it better is ur sarcastic saint suit on Satan doesn't look so good on u, u could do better than that. LIES!!!!.....B4 THA DAMN TRUTH. name me another religion that uses angels (cherubs) that looks like a lil boy with wings? I'll wait to save my breath. almost every Catholic Priest is accused for sex abuse scandal on tha Telly some jus haven't been caught...yet. untrue and harmful thing to say?.... again tha beginning tha very first thing I've said in this comment contradicting can't have it both ways


"Gay people should not join Catholic clergy."

Straight people neither if you ask me! smile007.gif

QuidamOutrepont Level 4 Dec 4, 2018

A world bishops meeting, last month, released a statement that said other denominations accept gays (and other LGBTQ) and they should go to those churches instead. Just point blank homophobic. They still demand that it's a curable disease.

EricJones Level 7 Dec 4, 2018

Or "fashionable". This Pope can mutter all he likes about "not judging" and acceptance of nonbelievers and alike, but it is the official policies of the church and not his ramblings in interviews that really count. I just wish kitchen Catholics would understand this.


I’ve said that since he first got appointed. If you know how the Popes are chosen and you understand the catholic organizations’ motivations then you can easily cut through the bullshit.

Riley Level 5 Dec 4, 2018

Yeah, me too. I do think the mainstream media are beginning to wear thin on this Pope's spin. The recent abuse allegations and cover up to the highest levels have played a part. What they don't report are stories about his clamping down on any progressive elements in the RCC. They're hardly radicals, but trodden down are they.


Well you tell the Pope that he'll need to look for a shit load of new priests

darien75 Level 7 Dec 3, 2018

LOL it looks like they're going to have to start all over from scratch I think the word got out a thousand years or so ago that they could Molest without fear of arrest but now their secrets out

Firesimmons Level 3 Dec 3, 2018

"Gay people should not join Catholic clergy" I mean, I would agree with that, just for different reasons (it's a hostile environment and a kooky religion).

valeriean Level 2 Dec 2, 2018

Well, yes, but the Pope's logic is wierd anyhow. A Catholic priest is supposed to be celibate. So, if a priest had homsexual leanings, but remained celibate, then wouldn't that be a "good" thing from his perspective? It's all so crazy. Dig into this and it's the same antiquated moralistic Christian rejection of human diversity and sexuality, typical of an outfit on the wrong side of history but not yet dead.


FFS, who is Wanky Franky trying to kid here?
Homosexuality, both Gay and Lesbianism has been RIFE throughout the history of the Churches, Catholic and ALL the rest, just as RIFE as has been Institutionalised Child Abuse.
And here we have some bloke who goes around dressed in gowns ( dresses that any transvestite would give their eye-teeth to have, no offence to transvestites btw), has to sit on a seat with an open base over a glass sheet in the floor to PROVE that he actually has MALE genitalia before he becomes the NEW 'Elected' Descendant of St. Peter and Pontifex Maximimus.
Yeah right, pull the other one Wanky Franky, it plays Jingle Bells.

Triphid Level 7 Dec 2, 2018

A small step for a man, a giant leap backwards for mankind.

DavidLaDeau Level 7 Dec 2, 2018

It was clear from the beginning that he was anti-gay. He was always against adoption of gay couples and against gay marriage. He was always an opponent of "the gay lobby". He's the fucking stupid pope of a stupid, evil church. Nothing else is expected of him. That anyone is still looking for redeeming qualities in this hate group is a joke in my view.

Dietl Level 6 Dec 2, 2018

Now that you've mentioned the word 'Pope' do you know what the letters POPE stand for these days?
POPE = Protector Of Paedophile Employees.

@Triphid Sadly accurate.

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