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3 comments On a Facebook page about gay men and their dogs, guys often post about the loss of their dogs. A man posted about having his dog BAPTIZED before she died. People are falling all over themselves, ...
Posted by daddy4pugs | 3 comments
24 votes POLLHas the adjustment to atheism been difficult? Why?
Posted by Hugene2002 | 24 comments
24 comments How do you deal with a person who never accepts his/her mistakes even after knowing that he/she is wrong?
Posted by rodandros | 24 comments
3 comments What is the most important thing you do for the betterment of the planet?
Posted by andygee | 3 comments
51 comments Why do most religious people think if you don't believe in god you are immoral?
Posted by Harleyman | 51 comments
50 comments Would you want a Christian God to be real?
Posted by paul1967 | 50 comments
24 comments I 100% know there is a God or is no God
Posted by paul1967 | 24 comments
12 comments How do you all feel about dating a single mother who is also a militant atheist? I find that with women, as soon as they find out I have a kid, they assume I am not gay enough for them because I had ...
Posted by MytchieMitch | 12 comments
21 comments When do you find sex the most enjoyable?
Posted by Squirrellglider | 21 comments
31 comments What are your thoughts on “foul” language?
Posted by AMGT | 31 comments
1 comment Non-Christian Evangelicals!?!
Posted by MikeThorne | 1 comments
3 comments Is setting goals really helpful or just a myth?
Posted by rodandros | 3 comments
3 comments Does anyone believe that theists are generally honest and sincere in their claims?
Posted by JustinCharles | 3 comments
21 votes POLLHow long have you identified as a non-theist?
Posted by silvereyes | 21 comments
5 comments OK, bear with me on this random thought. It is apparent that most atheists are liberal, progressive, truth seekers, which are all vital qualities for escaping from religion. BUT what if we look at ...
Posted by Hugene2002 | 5 comments
14 comments Would you date a person with a terminal illness?
Posted by SarcomaSlayer85 | 14 comments
159 comments When did you first doubt religion?
Posted by Admin | 159 comments
34 comments How long has your longest relationship lasted?
Posted by GordonWolters | 34 comments
16 comments What's your phobia?
Posted by silvereyes | 16 comments
8 votes POLLDo you ever see a day where politicians don't have to embrace Christianity
Posted by freethinker09 | 8 comments
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