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3 comments On a Facebook page about gay men and their dogs, guys often post about the loss of their dogs. A man posted about having his dog BAPTIZED before she died. People are falling all over themselves, ...
Posted by daddy4pugs | 3 comments
3 comments Does anyone believe that theists are generally honest and sincere in their claims?
Posted by JustinCharles | 3 comments
3 comments Is setting goals really helpful or just a myth?
Posted by rodandros | 3 comments
Bill M is another great comedian gives everyone a reality check on religion and politics combined. If you haven't seen his documentary Religulous.. (not sure on the spelling), IMO, felt he did a ...
Posted by mistymoon77 | 0 comments
1 comment Non-Christian Evangelicals!?!
Posted by MikeThorne | 1 comments
3 comments What is the most important thing you do for the betterment of the planet?
Posted by andygee | 3 comments
24 comments How do you deal with a person who never accepts his/her mistakes even after knowing that he/she is wrong?
Posted by rodandros | 24 comments
24 votes POLLHas the adjustment to atheism been difficult? Why?
Posted by Hugene2002 | 24 comments
10 comments I'm sure there are many of you that, like me, live in areas overflowing with churches, and religious fervor .
Over time, I've noticed that commercial ads - online, on TV, and in stores, contain...
Posted by evergreen | 10 comments
6 comments In a family, should the man take all the responsibilities of the kids?
Posted by Jblaine504 | 6 comments
14 comments What is something that most people don't know about you?
Posted by silvereyes | 14 comments
31 comments What are your thoughts on “foul” language?
Posted by AMGT | 31 comments
3 votes POLLAtheism to Defeat Religion By 2038
Posted by Hugene2002 | 3 comments
3 comments I'm reading a book entitled " Sophie's world " by Jostein Gaarder, it's a novel about the history of philosophy. I find it really interesting and amusing at the same time so I recommend it for anyone ...
Posted by walid | 3 comments
6 comments there was a broadcast of a Medal of Honor award just this P.M.., It started out with godsucking prayers and ended with godsucking prayers. this is deeply offensive to our country. The USA is not a ...
Posted by markhas | 6 comments
5 comments OK, bear with me on this random thought. It is apparent that most atheists are liberal, progressive, truth seekers, which are all vital qualities for escaping from religion. BUT what if we look at ...
Posted by Hugene2002 | 5 comments
15 comments Why does a large core component of the Black community still cling to the religion of their former slave owners?
Posted by GareBear517 | 15 comments
10 comments Considering that religion has gone to war with us should we go to war against religion?
Posted by GareBear517 | 10 comments
10 comments Do you actually believe that elections are real and you actually can choose a politician or it is a set up?
Posted by Lobster101 | 10 comments
21 comments Do you think that science teachers should teach alternatives to evolution in public schools?
Posted by Rickster | 21 comments
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