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21 comments Hi. Im a Christian, but never fear! Im not here to judge, preach, evangelize or threaten you with hell fire. You probably won't hear much from me, because I'm only here to learn how I hurt others. I ...
Posted by Lewellyn3 | 21 comments
37 comments What nerdy activities do you enjoy? (gaming, cosplay, sci-fi)
Posted by DougHoelbinger | 37 comments
19 comments A better place, really?
Posted by DeiP | 19 comments
21 comments So where do our members live? Check out these maps that show the average locations. It's interesting to see that we're popular in Morocco. Thought the bible belt is home only to bible thumpers?
Posted by Admin | 21 comments
78 comments If you were once religious, why are you not now?
Posted by Admin | 78 comments
142 comments Would you raise your children religious just to fit in?
Posted by Admin | 142 comments
174 comments Should religion be taught in schools?
Posted by Admin | 174 comments
11 comments How did you feel when you deconverted?
Posted by Admin | 11 comments
21 comments Where did you learn ethics and morality?
Posted by Admin | 21 comments
58 comments What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Posted by Admin | 58 comments
47 comments How can we improve this community?
Posted by Admin | 47 comments
18 comments Do you know any politician who claims to be an agnostic (or even atheist)?
Posted by Admin | 18 comments
5 comments Is spirituality the same as emotionality?
Posted by atheist | 5 comments
72 comments How do you respond when people say they will pray for you?
Posted by Vikay | 72 comments
86 comments Fellow agnostics, how do you feel about believers joining?
Posted by Draco | 86 comments
22 comments I don't believe in God or heaven and hell but I do believe in the supernatural like ghosts and also I believe in reincarnation. I'm super confused. Where do I fit in ?
Posted by lilimum | 22 comments
17 comments Just lost my wife she didn't believe neither do I , but it would be easier if I did . The trouble with that is I'd want to join her now
Posted by Tommy | 17 comments
7 comments LINKIs "Political Correctness" becoming a religion?
Posted by Monkey | 7 comments
28 comments Do you think all religious are equal?
Posted by Tyssina | 28 comments
86 votes POLLWho's the most influential of recent atheists?
Posted by Admin | 86 comments
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