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LINK Tucker Carlson is Now Advocating For Violence Against Teachers.

The rhetoric just continues to escalate.

By Lauren Elizabeth

After Georgia Representative Marjorie Greene has been making the headlines for claiming Democrats were “pro-pedophile” and increasingly sounding like a leader who hopes to set the stage for genocide, FOX News’ own Tucker Carlson decided he was going to add to the increase in violent rhetoric coming from the right wing as well. On his April 8th show, Carlson decided to draw teachers and fathers into the mix.

William Valliancourt with Yahoo News writes:
“Tucker Carlson on Friday suggested that fathers of students should inflict violence upon teachers whom he claims are “pushing sex values” on them.

The Fox News host spoke with Ohio GOP Senate candidate JD Vance about how, as he put it, President Joe Biden “wants to determine what your kids learn about the deepest and most important issues there are.” Biden, he added, is therefore aiming for “control over your family, and your values, and your beliefs.”

“I don’t understand where the men are. Like where are the dads?” Carlson asked. “You know, some teacher is pushing sex values on your third grader. Why don’t you go in and thrash the teacher? Like this is an agent of the government pushing someone else’s values on your kid about sex, like where’s the pushback?”’

In no uncertain terms, Tucker Carlson just advocated for right wing fathers to go into the classroom of their 3rd grade child, and physically attack their teacher. If the mention of the very existence of lgbtq+ individuals even comes up in a classroom, Carlson’s language seems to indicate he views it as a responsibility for a father to come in and take matters into their own hands.

It’s one thing for a random, angry right winger in a fringe chatroom online to make these statements as if that wouldn’t be disturbing enough. It’s another when this is coming from the top cable news host in the country, who happens to be one of the most popular figures on the right.

Fascism isn’t coming, it is here.

Frankly, I’ve lost count of the number of times where I’ve addressed the actions and statements coming from GOP figures like Carlson, and pointed out that they know exactly what they’re doing. They know exactly how their language is going to be interpreted by the people they’re speaking to, and how to finesse it just enough to give themselves plausible deniability. Carlson is intelligent, tactical, and calculating. He knows his audience. He knows there is a significant chance that someone will hear what he said, agree wholeheartedly, and engage in violence towards educators. Between the language coming from the likes of Carlson, Greene, and others, it’s a matter of time.

It’s a matter of time before a father becomes convinced that his child is being indoctrinated by a teacher he’ll claim is a pedophile for simply answering a question about sexuality, and comes for them not just with fists which would be bad enough, but with weapons.

How long before someone is killed at a school board meeting?

Since all of these talking points on the right wing intensified in recent months and weeks, it’s not lost on me how utterly bizarre it is for conservatives to insist conversations about sexuality and gender in classrooms is indoctrination.

I remember being in 2nd grade, having my first innocent little crush, feeling those butterflies for the very first time, and just enjoying sitting next to the boy in class or playing together outside at recess. No one would claim I was indoctrinated. No one would claim my teacher was pushing “sex values”. No one would claim my father should come in and assault my teacher.

Frankly, my heart absolutely breaks for a little girl in a state like Florida whose going to look at another little girl, experience those perfectly natural butterflies, and feel like she has no one at school to turn to or talk to about it. How inhumane, cruel, isolating, and needlessly evil to create an educational environment where not only do LGBTQ+ children feel frightened and lonely, but their teachers are offered no real way of helping them through it.

And then to top it all off, Tucker Carlson directs violence their way.

It’s moments like these where it truly hits me just how dangerous things are getting, and I think it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at or Twitter

HippieChick58 9 Apr 10

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I think Carlson should be ARRESTED and CHARGED with INCITING VIOLENCE...he is ON RECORD...but unfortunately it would be viewed and spun as POLITICAL...damned if we do...damned if we don't. I would beat his ass if I saw him on a street. He should go hunting with Dick Cheney.


Every day I wake up hoping to hear that Fucker Carlson has been kidnapped, killed, dismembered, and the body parts buried in separate unmarked graves.

I'd rather wolves/buzzards got some of the body parts.

@HippieChick58 just flush is sorry ass down the sewer...WHERE HE BELONGS.


That piece of shit should be burned slowly at the stake

bobwjr Level 10 Apr 11, 2022

Just like The Donald, Tuck will never actually fight the fight

twill Level 7 Apr 11, 2022

Agreed. He lacks the balls, he lacks the guts and he lacks the intellect to actually fight the fight.


I may sound kind of old fashioned BUT who the F names their child Tucker in the first place.
What the F
is wrong with giving your kids absolutely NORMAL names?

My guess on a name like that is that it is a maiden name of a mother or grandmother.
Especially if that side of the family has more money.
But it fits him now as he would certainly "tuck tail" and run if there was any real fight.

@BufftonBeotch Okay, so Mommy and Daddy were sucking up to the Rellies and hoping the kids would get some kudos from the name then.

Yes, and as I discovered to absolute disgust yesterday afternoon, a mother in this area recently gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl which she has since named Lucifer and Jezebel.
My eternal sympathies go out to those poor children because of what they will have to endure either for life or until they are old enough to change their names legally.


What a destructive, vicious demagogue!!!

He is quite blind to his own evil.

@anglophone But not his ambitions


If Fucker Carlson is advocating violence against teachers, can I advocate for violence against him?

That would be fine with me.

Freedom of speech.

@xenoview speach can take many different forms... Just saying!!!

Just put it in the form of a rhetorical question, e.g. "Why hasn't someone chained Tucker behind their pickup truck and dragged him down a gravel road until there's nothing left but a bloody rag?" Something along those lines. 🙂

@Flyingsaucesir Why waste the diesel?

I may sound kind of old fashioned BUT who the F names their child Tucker in the first place.
What the F
is wrong with giving your kids absolutely NORMAL names?

@anglophone Alternative method, attach dick-wad behind a fully loaded freight-train as it it departs the marshalling yards, let it get up to maximum travelling speed, then sit back and watch as he is shredded piece by piece.



I'm so sick of that guy. 🤮


Tucker Carlson is just another nutjob. Nonsense like this does take it's toll. At my work recently I was called into the office because I was reported for "talking about Biden." I pointed out to my GQP boss that no one hears me talk about Biden. He knows I do not do this. The bottom line then was that I can only talk about work related things. Really? They don't want you doing that either. How dare you tell me what to talk about and accuse me of talk that I do not do.


I disagree with the dolt on ALL point, especially his 'claim' that "Fascism is coming." sorry but he is totally incorrect, it IS already here in the United States of Absurdity and has been there for numerous decades and years as well.
It has disguised itself well in that it wears the masks of religion and religious extremism and its banner is the Crucifix.

Fucker Carlson fails to recognise that he is himself a Fascist.

Well, there are groups that have fascist leanings, pushing in that direction but we don't yet have a Hitler, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini or Putin ruling America. Fascism is a political ideology, a governmental system. We have some frightening elements, but don't actually have it... yet. We are in bad shape though.

@AlbertSchepis So, given YOUR comment, in to which category would you place your last Piss poor, excuse for a human being who was the PotUS, aka Donald, Lard-arsed, Lies through his teeth and Arse tRump then?
AND, if you taker off your blinders and look deeply and unbiasedly at the world involvement history of the United States of Absurdity you WILL find that it sees itself as being the NEW Emperor of the Planet, an Emperor that no-one else on the planet really wants anyway.
Me, I'd label that fetid slab of vulture excrement as trying hard to be a wannabe, fascist like Dictator somewhat, in my educated opinion, akin to Benito Mussolini only Mussolini actually had a WORKING BRAIN.


Cruelty and fear mongering is the point.


So did they also not scream for teachers to be armed to prevent school violence?
Can teachers now be armed and when some lunatic comes in to "thrash" them they can pull a gun on them and perform a citizen's arrest or if the lunatic has a gun they can kill them infront of their own child. How much more lunacy can america take?

Ya know they'll take that as a challenge don't you?

@silverotter11 Sad but oh so true


What it is basically is that people like TC are reality TV star wannabes. Well, TC arguably made it but that kind of lust for power and followers knows no bounds. It's an addiction that grows - the more they get the more they want. They're a bunch of attention whores and junkies, and no amount of shaming or common sense will get in their way. They cannot be stopped and they think that's a virtue (however they define that), but of course there's noting virtuous about what they've done or continue to do. Also, this is akin to a reporter being or causing the news rather than just reporting it, which back in the day was grounds for dismissal. Advocating violence, using false pretext as well. It's insane. I only wish that the one thing the pearly gates thing offers (which of course isn't real) is that when we supposedly go there, we'd get judged for what we REALLY said and did here on planet Earth, rather than bullshit our way through. I'm proud that I never, ever engaged in the bs and instigating that these people are into. If nothing else in life I'm proud of that, because the alternative is so, so, SO bad indeed.


When is the FCC going go pull license to Broadcast from Fux? Their continuous use of violent language towards people is enough grounds to warrant doing so..

I always feared that religious and conservative talk shows (AM radio, like Rush L) and gun nuts were going in this direction but I did not foresee it getting this bad. I don't see an easy end to it.

The Fairness Doctrine was abolished in 1987.[]


And what makes you think it is going to get better?


I get the feeling that the Founding Fathers of the USA in their generation of 'freedom of speech' didn't think that fuckwits would be able to talk to the whole world.

Oh I'm sure if they could see this far ahead they might have written things a bit differently, but they'd probably be so horrified at how it's turned out, who knows what they'd have done. This is too f-ing bizarre even by today's standards let alone expecting people from back then to wrap their heads around it. It would be interesting if possible though.


My granddaughter is very proud of her lesbian aunt and tells stories about her travel adventures all the time to her friends in a Florida school. I dare an school authority to challenge her. She’s only 9 but she’s a tough little broad.

This crap is going to back fire in the GOP’s faces.

I have yet to see anything the disgusting gop has done actually back fire on them.

@silverotter11 When public opinion shifts about whatever it is that FINALLY sparks some sort of backlash, they pick another bullshit dead horse to beat. Consistency doesn't count, shame is not in the picture, hypocrisy has no meaning, the only thing that counts is to keep everybody angry and afraid. Contradictory bigotry is allowed and even encouraged.


Another reason to give up cable is that in nearly every cable plan is the inclusion of Faux News. So every month you pay that bill you support this crap because Fox gets some money from you.

MizJ Level 8 Apr 10, 2022

That is part of the reason I turned off cable more than 5 years ago. I don't miss it.

I agree, and I don't have cable - just an internet connection, and I stay away from faux "news". I've gone there occasionally just to see what's going on but can't listen for long. Also they don't get anything for that. They get money from popup ads which I close or block all the time anyway.

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