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25 Sept. 2019 - Diet Diary - OK day, a little under allowance today but sure was pestered with thoughts of grabbing something else to eat. Pumpkin seeds, in shell, salted, have been a recent addiction. Measure them out in to 1/4 oz servings but after I have munched through those, I find myself sneaking to the container, grabbing "just a few more". Have mostly kept the daily intake to 1/2 oz or less but would sure like more.

Will be time to harvest the butternut squash soon. Read up and it says when temps drop into the 40s overnight it is time to pick them, DON'T allow them to lay in the patch until it frosts. I was planning to just let the frost take the massive vine then I'd go clean up the squash but have to change plans now. Not sure how many are out there, the patch went crazy and I finally just left them fend for themselves. Planning to try butternut squash/pear soup, just for fun. Also plan to have plenty of roasted squash with garlic.

DotLewis 7 Sep 26
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I don't see/read what you're doing for exercise. Are you working on raising your fitness? Any huff-n-puffing? Any sweating? Please; don't just cut calories...find a way to "get busy"...?

Robecology Level 8 Sep 27, 2019