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How do you deal with Door-knockers?

Whether they be Witnesses, Mormons, or another proselytizing religion, how do you deal with people coming to your door to spread their religion?
I just had my first experience since getting a place of my own and had a decent conversation through the crack in my door. After I told him I was an atheist he tried to use apologetics; when I told him I was familiar with his arguments and didn't find them convincing further explaining that I take a scientific route of belief and chose not to believe until there is evidence for a god. He understood and thanked me for explaining and listening to him and he left with a handshake. I was surprised at myself for how civil I was to him but how does everyone else usually respond?

Nicsnort 6 Oct 14

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Many years ago, when I was married, a young (16-17) JW showed up at our door and wanted talk about marriage. We let him in and listened his adolescent musings for a few minutes, then politely showed him out. It was then I saw the 2 adults waiting on the sidewalk. Why hadn’t they come the door with him, I wondered? Then I realized this was not an attempt at proselytizing at all. It was deliberate alienation: they knew that everyone would reject this poor boy all day long, trying talk adults about marriage, and they were there console him and be his only friends. It’s part of creating a cult mentality: the world rejects you, but we’re here for you. The young man was sincere; the adults were predators.


This seems to work well....[]


I have this on my front door

I NEED one of those!

@WIMetalDude02 I just made it myself and laminated it. ?feel free to do it too

That's a beautiful thing!!


I took a religious study class in college and I think its extremely important to understand other people's views. When they come to the door I usually have a list of questions. Questions contain ideas like what prompted you to study this religion, what idols do using your religion, what holidays do you or don't you celebrate, who in your family celebrates religion, how do you look at other religions. They love it when I ask, do you think your religion prevents you from living a full and true life. It's a way of understanding each other. We are all human after all.


I tell them I'm an atheist , they just leave.


Me reply to door knockers is always the same....
I am a practicing Theodolite, thank you anyway.

I went to a small Christian college and every Saturday morning when I had a Hangover the Christians would knock on my door and asked “if I would go to church with them Sunday morning?” Christians did this to make sure that you weren’t being “poached” proselytized by different denomination And that you were attending your specific church affiliation.

I found out that when I filled out my college application Which asks “my religious Affiliation” this information is given to Christians to check up and see if you are attending church.

So the next year I declared that I was an “orthodox druid”—And was very sure that no one else on campus was a druid. And as I suspected, no “Orthodox druid” came and knocked on my door asking if I would go to church with them on Sunday. Christians are not very smart.


I challenge ...

Those who are challenging the religious are doing their “civic duty” to clean up this societal mental illness. Thank you very much.


I had this problem in Utah. After several visits in which I told the Mormons I was not interested I tried telling them I was Jewish. They never came back.

What you observed is very interesting because it does appear that Christians are afraid of Jews - because after all Jews are God‘s chosen people. Or so the fairytale myths say in the Bible.

@Weismonger I always wondered why they were so supportive of Israel!

@Weismonger so they are afraid of Jews because Jews are God's chosen people? Did they think God made a bad choice? If so, would that not be blasphemous? That also makes me wonder, if the Jews were the chosen ones, why do Christians keep on praying to him? Whenever I am in a situation where I am not chosen for something, I just go home. That's my rule with Supreme Beings. If they don't pick me I don't stick around to grovel to them and fawn all over them. I mean it's not like there aren't plenty of others to choose from, right?


I find it interesting I was seeing a payient the other day for therapy and she disclosed she had fallen in love. When i enquired more detail. She responded that two young mormons from the USA had visited her every day. I sat listerned and then got her to explore her fantasies cause at the end of the day tjis young woman is a professed sex addict. I am happy to say after lots of time and exploration. She now understands this guy would never go to her fantas3place as hes on a mission. Love how you send these young lost mormons over by the boat load to door knock. Maybe we should take of some of Trumps anyics lol. Glad these people don't get to stay. I find American religion quite soul destroying. Food for thought. ☺


I find it entertaining when the religious knock on my door. I let them in and enjoy the debate.


I pick them up and punch them against the door several times until someone answers.

Oh... Sorry, wrong kind of door knocker. I need to read more carefully. ?


Oh! I also played a joke that backfired. I let them. They sat, gave good hospitality, water, offered snacks etc. My kids were there. They invited us to some airplane at an airport you can go in. Sounded cool. My kids were thrilled and said to their mom, my ex, we were invited to go on an airplane and pray, ?. I played it off and said its just an old war plane at an airport. The morning came back often and expected the same treatment and I was always at work and my ex was home so she had to entertain them. She was so mad that I let them in. ? sometimes I don't mind them and I talk to them normal and straight out and honest but they can't return the same sentiment because they are so freaked out that I don't believe and you can see the worry and pain they have in their faces as they look at your children and they fear the children will burn in hell. My children were babies and they have done no wrong. They say but if they don't worship they will go to hell, etc. You know the testing the story. Always the same. ?


You responded really well, you were honest and civil.Most would just shut the door in their faces, or say they don't have the time. ( ex: having dinner with the family, have to get ready for work, etc )


Open door say " I'm a Atheist I don't believe in God" then shut the door. They tend not to come back.

Echo7 Level 3 Oct 13, 2018

It depends on what I'm doing at the time. If I'm just hanging out or practicing scales on my mandolin, I might invite them in to hangout with me. They are people too. I don't let them preach at me though, and I don't answer any of their questions.

jafbm Level 5 Oct 12, 2018

If I'm feeling particularly chatty that day, I'll invite them in, offer them a seat and refreshments, and then move into the discussion. But those days are rare, so I normally just ignore them.

《smiles》I understand.

Have you ever offered the mormons coffee?

@PontifexMarximus yes! They only accepted water!


My sister turns the sprinklers on them.

I have 3 things I do:

  1. Open door see thumpers, scream "AHHH thumpers go away!" Slam door.
  2. If they are white, I call the cops & tell them I am being harassed by a gang of scary looking people.
  3. Invite them in & try to convert them to a religion I made up called poontology.

What are the tenets of poontology?


I don't even answer the door if it's someone that I know. Anyone who knows me knows this.

Ele97 Level 2 Oct 1, 2018

I just ask if there here the satanic ritual party that typically makes them leave


I deal with them like this:
Knock, knock:
A. Hi
C. We’re around the neighborhood and would like to share the Good News.
A. Oh, I see. No thank you.
C. Ok, god bless you. Goodbye.
A. Bye!

That’s the usual. I have never had anyone be really obnoxious and insistent.

Livia Level 6 Aug 31, 2018

I usually talk to them. A friend of mine used to either tell them he was a Buddhist or to invite them in as they were just about to have a black mass.

My favourite method though was described by Jeff Foxworthy: Draw a chalk outline outside your front door and throw a few religious pamphlets out around it. Sleep till noon if you want to.


I'd say either invite them in and explain why you find their worldview incompatible with reality or just tell them you're not interested. They're used to rejection.


I used to have a sign on my front door that read:

I don't care if you're selling magazine subscriptions, chocolate bars, or salvation, the answer is NO! Turn around and walk away!

I made the sign myself with a printer and a laminator and it worked great for years.


I wonder at one point I got old enough to ignore the niceties and just say "sorry not interested" and walk away without them having to utter a word.


If its guys I just tell them I am a Catholic, no one can argue with that amount of crazy. If there is a girl, I look at her and ask her if she wants ditch the other guy and come in for some fun.

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