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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


Free palestine
DenoPenno comments on May 15, 2022:
Then what land are you going to give them? This idea was fuct about the time Israel became a state.
Art in real life
DenoPenno comments on May 15, 2022:
Notice Trump is still using his Sharpie.
Sam Elliot and Katherine Ross 1978 & 2019
DenoPenno comments on May 15, 2022:
Very good actors that have stayed together over the years.
He must be really good.
DenoPenno comments on May 15, 2022:
Let me borrow this and see if it helps me any.
Life is great, enjoy it! ✨🌷 "Happy Sunday" 😊
DenoPenno comments on May 15, 2022:
You look wonderful, girl. :)
Not sure about my new sat nav.
DenoPenno comments on May 15, 2022:
i think this is funny. :)
Louisiana Court drops charges against pastor who ignored COVID restrictions
DenoPenno comments on May 15, 2022:
Holding church services "in the name of religious freedom." WTF? I suppose you can make that claim when you elect religious people to your courts. I think they go out of their way to find such people. Being religious does not mean being fair.
Sky Daddy does seem to move in mysterious ways his miracles to perform.
DenoPenno comments on May 15, 2022:
I enjoy these stories but I would like to remind everyone that KARMA is not a giant universal payback system equipped with intelligence and just waiting to right a wrong. Deep down most of us know this but we continue to speak of Karma this way. Karma is simply doing. It does not get you back nor does it get even.
Putin "Very Ill With Blood Cancer" Russian Oligarch Recorded Saying | The Independent
DenoPenno comments on May 15, 2022:
This fits what I have suspected and it fits what many in our world would want. It may explain why Putin is not stepping up and it can be used to explain why he will step down. This remains to be seen of course. Will he still be living when he steps down?
So Why is Progressives and Socialist group 'Not Available'?
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
I find it disturbing that many of us cannot post in groups that simply do not want us and yet they can post in out groups. If my view and comment offends conservatives then they are cowards. It's that simple. I will not debate you and go back and forth forever but I will make my view known.
Yep that would change my mind.
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
Please come to my house and bring your weed.
Hi! It’s been a while since I posted or commented— I got tied up with work and am in a ...
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
I hope your relationship is permanent too but your picture is laying on its side.
Ten killed in mass shooting at Jefferson Avenue supermarket; officials describe attack as 'hate ...
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
Of course it was a hate crime. Hate by idiots that have no idea what this means but they want to kill and document it. The reward is prison.
If budgets are moral documents, what does the US budget say about ours?
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
It is all about the money. Follow the money and you see what those in power have in store for us. They want our money. No bullshit here about killing off anyone. If you do that you cannot get their money.
‘Yoga Barbie’ blasted as Satanic and you couldn’t make this stuff up / Queerty
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
Really? What if you got into Yoga poses unawares? If that summons a demon maybe you had best hold your breath and hop on one foot 3 times.
Israel attacks Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral by Maureen Clare Murphy 13 May 2022
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
I read this elsewhere and still believe that Israel is solely responsible. More and more every day I have to ask what the hell is wrong with people.
A Christian school had kids write letters persuading a friend to stop being gay
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
Notice the kids are urging a fictional gay person. The Christian Academy of Louisville ought to be horse whipped. They should STF up and leave this alone. Why teach hate and claim that you are love?
The GOP used to at least try to be a "big tent" institution.
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
I recall during the Trump presidency that a black reporter interviewed a white supremacist man who said openly he would rather kill her as look at her. This seemed to be accepted and nobody did anything. OK, she got the story but I pity this man. How can he watch TV or movies of any kind? This limits his envolvement in the real world from the start. He then does not want to be like the rest of us because he can only hang out with racist troublemakers.
Buffalo shooting: Police on the scene of "active multiple shooting" at supermarket - CNN
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
OK, we wanna get bible here. The shooter is in custody so we should treat him the same way he did those that he shot. His videos and hatred manifesto should not be given great attention. Let it be known that others like him will be treated the same way and criminals do not have rights above those that endured the crime. In this case, death by shooting.
No shit: in his opinion Alito actually cited jurisprudence from a guy (Sir Matthew Hale) who ...
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
We run the chance that Alito also believes in witches.
Not really sure this is funny and/or even if it's accurate but it rings true.
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
One of the few things that the church has right. Hypocrites cannot see this for the conception myth and this makes the entire issue a political issue.
Far out man...
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
A great many people are too far out for me these days.
Cops confront cops.
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
This is what happens when you are instructed to go out and create a crime narrative. It's kinda like the fake police prostitute.
I didn't know this
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
Now we need stronger rubbers. Wait! I think I wanna feel the rub.
Dogs can be official wedding witnesses on marriage licenses in Colorado - Axios Denver
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
Amazing! But with no proof of who the minister really is some certificates I have heard of have a dog's name listed as performing the ceremony. This might be because the certificate is only proof that the license fee was paid.
They murdered an American citizen.
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
Of course Christian believers are silent about this. Without Israel we have no Jesus. My personal belief is that she was murdered by bigoted cowards.
Is this the real reason the number 13 is thought to be unlucky by men?
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
Thanks for the knowledge here. All I know for sure about Friday the 13th is that it has always seemed very lucky for me. Notice I said "seemed." We make our on luck but I usually see everything about Friday the 13th as positive in every way. Yesterdays work example - very busy, time passing quickly, everything falling right into place as it should be.
A new member, hoadao3493 just seems to have joined, for the sole purpose of posting adverts for ...
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
Gambling is a big deal for many people and there is a lot of money in it. I hardly ever gamble and it pisses me off bigtime to try and watch a movie to find the Russian or Indian slots have it. If they do, I avoid the entire film til later.
That special moment of converging symbologies:
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
The suggestion here is very strong and just might be right. In case I am wrong, did Jill Biden not visit the Zelenskyy's recently? Internet says she did and this makes me wonder why Putin cannot find them as well.
I have a question that no Christian I have ever asked can answer.
DenoPenno comments on May 14, 2022:
The question has been asked before and I forget what apologists use as the standard reply. Of course, there are no pictures of the imaginary parents of all of us to go by.
Fred Ward passed.
DenoPenno comments on May 13, 2022:
I remember Fred Ward in some pretty good movies. Just found out of his passing today.
Texas teacher questions if she was fired for promoting Christianity to students" [kxxv.
DenoPenno comments on May 13, 2022:
I agree fully but it seems they are convinced that American was founded as a Christian Nation. All they have to do is go hear the preacher repeat that crap weekly and they believe it.
Words of Wisdom from Carl Everett: "God created the sun, the stars, the heavens and the earth, ...
DenoPenno comments on May 13, 2022:
Somebody saw Adam and Eve eating apples. "Forbidden fruit" does not translate into apples. If it did then we have to all be sinners for eating apples or for just disobeying god. Either way the story is pretty silly. Using your eyewitness viewpoint lets move along to the chronicled events of Jesus and his 40 days and 40 nights in the desert. Who recorded this event? Let's get right into Jesus and the Devil and the temptation to jump off a high mountain (the temple in other versions) and ask who recorded that. BTW, the bible says nothing about dinosaurs because the writers knew nothing of dinosaurs.
Science vs the Bible on abortion. []
DenoPenno comments on May 12, 2022:
Truth more than comedy. We need to wake up.
Meanwhile, Not Making The "News"
DenoPenno comments on May 12, 2022:
I had to get out yesterday and put another can of R-290 in the A/C unit again. It has a slow leak and needs added to every year.
Shireen Abu Akleh (January 3, 1971 – May 11, 2022)
DenoPenno comments on May 12, 2022:
I find it easy to believe that Israel did this.
The Universe The ...
DenoPenno comments on May 12, 2022:
Yes, we are wrong and the universe is a few stars we know and the flat earth has 4 corners. Nothing is expanding and god told Moses how he did it all in a book. Did God write the book or did Moses? There is not much evidence for either of them. Let's use real common sense. Why are so many constantly trying to tell us all what an imaginary being did? Why are some of us so worried about it? I see this a lot and also repeated ideas of whether we are a good person or not. Please! I think I want to vomit.
Ukraine: Where the West got it wrong?
DenoPenno comments on May 11, 2022:
As more and more "facts" disappear from the Internet it looks like many of us could get it wrong. My cry at this time goes back to - "prove it." Ukraine is not a part of Russia and by standing with Russia you've got it wrong. OK, I give in. All this death and destruction was needed and the video I saw of a crying woman holding a dead person's head is haunting me for no reason. That's right. All that was left was the head. But Putin needed to do this and even a Jewish leader can be a Nazi so now take me back to another time in the past. Our past or their's. It's distraction anyway. Once you work through the distraction you forget the horrible truth of right now.
Comedian Steve hofstetter is my answer to George Carlin.
DenoPenno comments on May 11, 2022:
I see no link so I'll have to look him up.
Christian School Headmaster Arrested For Allegedly Whipping 4-Year-Old Child | HuffPost Latest News
DenoPenno comments on May 11, 2022:
Somebody should knock the crap out of this guy John Raymond.
Why is the church failing in the West?
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Having once been a part of all of that I do not see today how anyone could take it seriously. People today that come back to religion are either wanting to marry a believer, or they do not want to break up their own existing family.
Even Most Republicans Don’t Want Congress To Ban Abortion Nationwide, Poll Finds
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Everyone is not stupid.
Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: May 9 - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
This is happening in real time because of the Internet which has media of all types but is also why people are not stupid. What Putrid is attempting might have worked in the 60's and 70's but will not work today. Meanwhile, it looks like thugs are going to win political races simply because Trump endorsed them. How sad.
Wisconsin voters with disabilities say their right to vote is at risk : NPR
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
It has to be made illegal because of widspread feelings about Trump and the last election. Some people believe if Trump was still prez that we would have cheap gasoline. They also believe that he destroyed child trafficing tunnels underneath Washington, DC.
Brits, no more binge drinking in Spain.
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
While in Barcelona in 65 I drank all I wanted to. San Miguel was 12 cents a bottle.
Sure…. Mail in ballots are safe. Only cheaters would be against mail in ballots; right?
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
And cheaters were against mail in ballots bigtime. I first voted with a mail in ballot while in the military overseas. It always has been perfectly legal. If any of Trump's people voted you will not see them in a voting line. Never ever.
This new generation
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Yes, but this is Ron Jeremy.
Not good.
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Maybe this is why I have to leave myself notes all the time in order to get done what I need to do. If I remember something needed I just jot it down. Oh, well. I'm a 75 year old Covid survivor.
I bet that woke his ass way up.
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Somehow Trump and all of these idiots who think he supports and believes in the same things they do cannot get ahold of that idea. It's a Burger King world. They want to instantly have it their way.
Can someone explain their logic to me?
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Yes I can. The child will believe the GOP is all about human rights, including fetal rights as well. The child will forget that once born all they mean is possible votes for the party once they grow up.
The marvels of modern science all in one place
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Does she do playdates? I'm gonna sign up.
I'm always super helpful
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Why not? I would have helped you. :)
Who would have thought this picture would still work?
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Yes, i it happened to OJ he might still be looking around trying to find her real killer.
A mix of trumpy things
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
It is amazingly dumb as to how far the right and Evangelicals go to approve Trump. A liar and a conman. IF you think of anything we had better under Trump, that was then and this is now. Bringing back Trump will not fix it.
The things you wish you could post on Facebook.
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Looks good. I've seen worse posted there. If you are not directly attacking another person this might work.
Has anyone seen 2000 Mules? []
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
This is bullshit people. Election fraud is not done by paying others to carry around and distribute fake paper ballets. The number game is digital and much easier and cheaper to do. Trump, Pillow, Rudy, and the gang are stirring you up and making money as they do so. The reason is they have no evidence.
GOP senators urge TV ratings board to warn viewers of 'disturbing' LGBTQ content
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Yes, warning the parents but mostly the children will be sitting and watching alone. Wanting to control and own you never stops.
GOP Senate candidate admits he wants to block access to birth control
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
So, Blake Masters wants to block access to birth control for everyone. Maybe he even has a secret desire to also be the sperm donor in a hands on and physical way. You never know.
NASA Releases Ridiculously Sharp Webb Space Telescope Images The telescope achieved a "perfect" ...
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Progress of this type is the only way we will ever know more about space and our origins. If you are not for that you can go back to your biblical flat earth like some morons I know.
Doctors and treatment threatened after Alabama outlaws gender-affirming medicines for trans kids
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Looks like they mean business. Find ways around this.
Esper: Trump Wanted to Court-Martial Retired Leader of Bin Laden Raid
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
I have a better plan. Stop coddling this Mafia bastard and courts martial him instead. He is not special and is a lying conman.
Desantis (HB 7): We can't let our schools indoctrinate our kids! The choice must be left up to ...
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
So now the parents should indoctrinate the kids but the schools should teach the threat of communism. Why not just do some fact checking on what is being taught?
Trump says he has no Trump Organization cell phones and asks judge to end contempt fines - ...
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
The problem here is that we are falling for the trick where his people do the searches. This is all a sham from the start. Wasted money in a pre-determined outcome. Trump is not special. He should be in jail.
What reproductive rights look like around the world : NPR
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
This is all wrong. If Roe is struck down it means they can take anything away from us. Less freedom and more GOP is not the way to go. There are no fetal rights, folks. Not even in the bible. Evangelicals have made it all up. Now watch for photoshopped pics of a young fetus in the womb. I'm seeing them already.
Tom Hiddleston Hopes His Character Loki Coming Out As Bisexual Was 'Meaningful' | HuffPost ...
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Who would it be meaningful to and why do we need to know?
A rural Kansas town voted to remove "In God We Trust" from police cars
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Good for them if they remove "In God We Trust" from police cars. I'm sick as hell of it around mid-Missouri. It is wrong and mixes religion with police work. Mostly it is pretend. Anyone ever see a group of cops gather and pray before going after the bad guy? Only if you are watching Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Conflicting news from Ukraine. How will the Western media handle it?
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
I watch RT sometimes but I do not take anything political from the Russians seriously. I have no time to post refuting items. All of this is about money in one form or another and they want as many of us onboard for the ride as possible.
somehow they always seem to skip tht part
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Exactly so. Also note that it has gates and walls. Is this to keep people in or people out? Other biblical passages claim you will be singing god's praises forever and ever. This means no time for family reunions and other earthly crap that you are used to.
Exactly. Too bad so many so-called Christians don't agree with this.
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
I thought Jesus was Tab Hunter. No wait. That was Jeffery Hunter. Maybe Rock Hunter.
Lol. Thought this was funny
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
This is funny and also tells it like it is. Once we allow government to ban anything of this type you never know what is next. Watch it men. Next they will control your nutsack.
I opened facebook today and it said "no more posts, find some friends"
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
I use FB for political activism. Example - "Josh Hawley is a white supremacist that we do not need." People see these posts and are influenced by them.
Alicia Herbeth - What a beauty
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
I think I'll just drive on down the road
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
No thanks. Not even remotely interested.
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
You have to carry that baby to term so it can grow up and buy more of our products. We also hope the baby remembers that it is alive because of us, so it will vote for us too. This is sort of like the god thing.
Selling that Christian thing. lol
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
This is exactly it. Once you learn about hell there is no going back.
The deliberate slowing down of the usps deliveries during the deadly pandemic, by then-president ...
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Many people want him to run again.
“I don’t know what my I.
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
I never knew mine but I have a GT score of 130.
Good morning, I’ve just been lying in bed listening to the rain against the roof and window…it ...
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
One of my favorite songs. :)
Oh well, another 30 days in Gulag Zuckerberg for saying something factual that upset yet another ...
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
I'm point blank in Facebook but avoid this by not arguing directly with others. Even so, recently a person in FB told me that I do believe in god because I told them that god really loves sports. Then FB still has me banned forever from Marketplace because they think I was trying to sell domain names and become a car dealer. LOL
A scientific study that verifies many of the things many atheists already think about how religious ...
DenoPenno comments on May 10, 2022:
Despite her families attempt to find her she ended up being placed in a foster system and adopted by someone in the United States. HTF did that happen? Seems like that has happened to others who have crosses our Southern border with Mexico as well. So, what is this study about? A horror story.
New research uncovers stereotype differences between agnostics and atheists
DenoPenno comments on May 9, 2022:
Agnostics and atheists are often lumped into one group. I am an atheist. If you like you can call me an agnostic atheist.
Abortion Ruling: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on May 9, 2022:
The idiots need to think. If abortion can be banned this easily then anything involving our freedoms can also be banned as well. Wait. Maybe they did think. New spin to an old GOP cry.
UK Scientist Says Dobbs Lawyers Misinterpreted His Work in SCOTUS Case
DenoPenno comments on May 9, 2022:
How do we know anything about fetal pain unless we set up experiments to cause a fetus to have pain and then write down our findings on this matter. The ignorant bastards!
I'm still shaking.
DenoPenno comments on May 9, 2022:
I work with Trumpers and Fox watchers and their dishonesty amazes me. My boss is one of them and he takes the stand that masks are useless and shots do not prevent Covid, so why get a shot. I've had Covid and also had the shots. Masks prevent someone from hocking a lugie across the room and hitting you. That is why I wore a mask, plus arguing will not change corporate minds. I'm so amazed that everyone is now a scientist and have put on their MAGA thinking hats to tell us what vaccines can do to hurt you and how these were developed to fast, etc., etc. My daughter is a nurse and also one of these. Every other day I hear a story of how being vaccinated caused autism or some other bullshit thing. Was it the vaccine or the needle? There is fear of both. I think that I do have something left over after Covid. This might be because I am aware of my body and we have not had a SARS type like this Covid before. The best I know at 75 is that the disease did not kill me and I have been vaccinated my entire life.
The 'Infamous' Eurovision Song Contest 2022, starting tomorrow! Guess which country is gonna ...
DenoPenno comments on May 9, 2022:
Why would you think in advance that the Ukraine is going to win?
State Farm's ad attracted racist Twitter trolls = []
DenoPenno comments on May 9, 2022:
Why is the ad disgusting? i can easily imagine that the racist trolls would have trouble watching anything on TV today. State Farm should politely tell them to go to Hell.
"Instead of teaching children the evil of Third Reich and to never let that happen again Putin used ...
DenoPenno comments on May 9, 2022:
Fighting for the security of Russia may be his half truth that his country will buy. We all know that the West did not start this war and some of us hope that Putrid may soon become very Putrid. Then we never know what maniac we get for his replacement.
George Carlin
DenoPenno comments on May 8, 2022:
Carlin told it like it is.
Survey: White evangelicals oppose abortion; all other religious groups support it US religions have...
DenoPenno comments on May 8, 2022:
We need to focus now on making the "abortion pill" available because they are going to try and stop it completely. This is not the same as a "morning after pill" but I'm sure they will go after that one also. It is also not anybodies business if a woman has a miscarriage. "Hello. We are the Abortion Police and we need to come into your house and search for the miscarried fetus. Thankfully Mrs. Johnson from down the street was watching you and reported this possibility to us. Government also paid her a few bucks for her time and interest."
With all of the disgusting actions of believers in our government and elsewhere, I think it is time ...
DenoPenno comments on May 8, 2022:
Oliver Markus Malloy summed it up very nicely.
This Police-Pastor Alliance Is America's Most Tyrannical - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on May 8, 2022:
What do people expect when law enforcement encourages and recognizes inmates in prison "finding Jesus" and getting out on parole with that consideration in mind. It shows me that the deck has been stacked in advance. Those claiming religion win. As for ID, I used to ride around with a cop in a small town years ago. For the record he kept a notebook with time, date, and names of those we saw out on the streets late at night. It was assumed they had to show ID, and he explained to them that if no mischief was reported later within that time frame and location there was no problem.
Maybe the blue states where abortion is legal, should put clinics at the airport ?
DenoPenno comments on May 8, 2022:
This entire abortion shift will put more need for the abortion pill. They will try to stop that pill, of course, but the end result will be that there is less surgical abortions. This works all the way around except for cases where a miscarry requires a funeral. (Some idiots are pushing for this.) OK, let me declare the kid on my taxes and get back more end of the year money because of that miscarriage. I doubt if we can identify the sex of the miscarry. That might be needed unless we just send the would be mother to prison. "I did it, Maw. Now you cannot abort me any longer and I have less fear. We are also going to flood social media with photoshopped pics of good looking babies in the womb at 6 weeks."
Why the lack of (authentic) religion breeds mental illness. [] .
DenoPenno comments on May 8, 2022:
Just what is authentic religion? What Jung was explaining is why mankind seeks and needs a religion. None of it was in support of religion. It was about why we create religions.
Does it offend you? Good.
DenoPenno comments on May 8, 2022:
The meme shows exactly what my years of bible study told me. It explains my atheism.
May 9th: a day to celebrate victory over fascism.
DenoPenno comments on May 8, 2022:
May 9th could be a day that they decide on using nukes. I certainly hope it never comes to this.
Scientists Discover Genetic Cause of Lupus, a Chronic Autoimmune Disease []
DenoPenno comments on May 8, 2022:
That's good. I have a former Texas GF who was done in by Lupus. It came about very slowly.
Who will rid the world of this dangerous maniac, one Vladimir Putin? []
DenoPenno comments on May 8, 2022:
If his cancer does not do him in his Russian supporters will have him step down. What happens next nobody knows.
Now that women are basically being told that they're just breed mares for the government, what else ...
DenoPenno comments on May 8, 2022:
Obamacare stuck around because ACA was a GOP format and Obama simply went with it. The GOP has people trying desperately to end Social Security and many of them have benefited from it. This is insanity.
Kansas Town Criminalizes Poverty By BANNING Roommates - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on May 8, 2022:
When the issue is money and getting all of your money that they can things like this may happen. You have to pay full price if there is a full price. Will this nonsense spread to California? People live together because of high prices.
Poetic justice.
DenoPenno comments on May 8, 2022:
The thing i do not understand is why the Supreme Court is suddenly going after its own decisions to change things.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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