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I've read and watched most of the videos in this group.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 20, 2023:
The whole damned thing is very sad.
Barr blasts Trump’s defense in document case as ‘absurd’ | The Hill
DenoPenno comments on Jun 20, 2023:
Barr can make these claims but as a Republican he had to protect Trump. The difference right now is that Trump is not POTUS. If elected again, Barr will change his tune.
Donald Trump could try to pardon himself if re-elected, Asa Hutchinson says -- NBC News
DenoPenno comments on Jun 20, 2023:
Isn't pardoning yourself something a dictator would do? I recall a woman claiming once that if America had to have a dictator Trump was the one she wanted.
Trump And Our Two-Tiered Justice System | The Problem with Jon Stewart - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 20, 2023:
What he says here is totally true. The problem is that Trumpers and others that favor Trump will totally overlook it. Some go so far as to think it is all being made up.
What's it like to be a senior?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 20, 2023:
I'm back to wearing a small belt around my left wrist. To look at me you think I'm wearing a wrist watch. What the belt fixes is nerve damage in my hand at wrist level from an old cut at the base of my thumb and forefinger. This happened in the 80's and acts up from time to time. The modern doctor ignores what I say and calls it arthritis. I'm getting more pissed at these doctors.
Where African countries stand in their struggle toward more inclusive LGBTQ+ laws | PBS NewsHour
DenoPenno comments on Jun 20, 2023:
It would seem that Africa has more religious belief even if different than ours. Along with this comes the resurgence of "the bedroom police." Exactly how that could be accurate is beyond me. Another reason Africa has more AIDES is that it is widely believed the cure for it is to have sex with a young virgin girl. A witch doctor tells people these things and science comes in second with most tribal people.
Survey: In the U.K., belief in God has finally dipped below 50%
DenoPenno comments on Jun 20, 2023:
This is good news. America seems to be hate preaching themselves into irrelevance as well in my opinion. it is hard for me to believe some of the things the so-called religious are saying and doing these days.
I used to watch his movie reviews on TV! He's passed but you can still get decent movie reviews ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2023:
I like Roger's words and they remind me of Mark Twain. The problem we humans get into is in trying to think ourselves into the scheme of things. Give yourself too much importance and suddenly you are thinking like a Christian. Death is a part of life and things happen because they can. Gods have nothing to do with it.
Looking for LegalZoom alternatives?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2023:
Why are you advertising on this site and do you think any of us would fall for this? This is an opinion site concerning the non-existence of gods and superstitions.
Scaling The Border: The Not-So-Great Wall of America | Full Frontal on TBS - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2023:
I think this is hilarious! It is also true, but die hard Trumpers would claim it is fake and refuse to watch it.
Yeah it's like that :)
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2023:
It's hard for me too believe that DeSantis thinks people will fall for his nonsense and then want to elect him president.
I rarely do this; but here's a good read about a young woman who wrote a book about young ladies ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2023:
Thanks for posting this. Elle seems to have it all together and I like what she says. The question "how do you know you are good enough to get to heaven after you die" is a typical believer response. I would ask them which heaven they plan on going to.
Liberal Redneck - Trump Indictment Round 2 - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2023:
While this is considered comedy Crowder hits it all squarely on the head. I find it hard to believe that I live in a country that thinks this way. I work with people who react exactly the way Crowder is describing.
Drinking that Kool Aide....
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2023:
I find it amazing how deeply they drink of his kool aide. Can't wait to get my Biden hat, flag, and drive around in a Biden train with pickup trucks -- then talk about how my political party found Trump Jr's laptop. :)
Declaration of war...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2023:
I woke this morning and my digital clock read 555. OMG! It is that dreaded number from the bibble.
Natural or artificial?....
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2023:
This is a good one.
Federal Probe Advances Into Trump’s Effort to Reverse 2020 Election  - WSJ
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2023:
You can still watch videos on you Tube where some idiots think Trump has remained president the entire time. We cannot fix stupid.
Looks to be some kind of ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2023:
It is also not recommended to move around fast in Africa because some animal might consider you as food.
Milla Jovovich
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2023:
This is one lady whom I have always thought was sexy as hell. Adopt me, Milla.
U.S. bishops are about to block trans-affirming care at Catholic hospitals
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2023:
It seems very likely that Catholic hospitals are going to have more deaths on their hands. I doubt that they see it this way but there is nothing practical about them in any way. Then we have the question of why would anyone transgender be going to a Catholic hospital?
The Catholic Church in Kansas City used the wrong wine... and broke the religion
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
Invalid wine just like all the other invalid things in religion. In my Pentecostal daze I remember people getting baptized again because they read in the bible to do "your first works" again. It is like saying wash the clothes twice because they did not get clean.
Donald Trump Promised "Food for Everyone" at Versailles. He Lied.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
He has told so many lies that he cannot even keep count. :)
Social Security Benefits Targeted for Cuts by House Conservatives
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
It never will be paid back. A mistake many of us make is the assumption that we have money in an account with our name on it. Wrong. This is an insurance program that is handled by the government. Biden said not so long ago that Republicans want to cut Social Security and they denied it at the time. What they really want is to abolish the program even if many of them have benefited from it. Paul Ryan is one such person. Even so, they play a game constantly where they want to "balance the budget" using Social Security. Each time the POTUS has to make them some concessions. This alone tells me who to vote for.
Why MSNBC won't air Trump post-arraignment speech - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
Rachel is right. It is the same old song and dance.
Lawrence: Fmr. Trump chief of staff says he's 'scared sh-tless' - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
Many distractions again but I keep hearing Trump referred to as "the president." This idea is totally false and we should concentrate on Trump being held accountable for the first time. Lots of this is going wrong for him because of that enormous ego. He can't keep his mouth shut.
Trump humiliated as protests he called for fail to materialize - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
One thing is certain. If Trump does not die and is also not elected in 2024 he will be there again to claim the election was stolen from him. Face it. He has a big ego and also big bills that need payments now.
Get your ducks in a row?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
I'm currently looking for a pigeon. Lexi seemed good and then she disappeared.
Wasn't sure if this would also be suitable for the category "Philosophy & Meaning"
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
He is also correct to the best that any of us can determine today.
Found this on Twitter this AM; Here's her bio from Wiki; []
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
I agree with her fully and I ask the same questions.
I keep getting a weird message when I restart my computer about this site.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
We all got it. This site is https which means it has a certificate and you are being warned that the certificate has expired. You need to go into your browser and make an exception for this site. If you have trouble Google on how to do this in your browser.
In affirmative action and student loan cases, some see backlash to racial progress in education -- ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
It's all about the money, folks. If you go back a bit here you find that Betsy DeVoss and her old man were buying up the student loans debt as fast as they could. I'm for student loan forgiveness but they wanted to make some more money. Maybe they want to buy another yacht. How many yacht's can you have?
After complaints from Christians, Poland's 666 bus to Hel will cease to exist
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
They caved in to Christians. That's my take on it. OK, let's go into the book of Revelation and ask again if the number is 666 or 616. Believers take it so very seriously in a book that barely made it into our current Buybull.
So what???.... the admins are just gonna let this site die a slow death?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
I'm not sure. Sticking with the site until the end myself, but it might be a purge in which those who are left start up the site again. IDK. If this happens and this site did not go as the admin wanted it to maybe he can decide to allow an evolutionary process that fixes it.
Supreme Court preserves law that aims to keep Native American children with tribal families -- AP ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
I'm surprised at the courts decision and at their arguments. The bottom line is that children should never be separated from the parents except in cases of abuse. If they are separated from tribes or at our borders for any other reasons it amounts to stealing the children. In Trump's 4 years some of this was done and the children ended up adopted. For what reason? Why was this allowed to happen? I understand that Alaska has had a long ongoing problem with agencies taking children from native tribes. This is wrong and shameful in every way.
Southern Baptists vote to keep women out as pastors -- Axios
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
Yes, maybe because Saul of Tarsus had a problem with this. It was forbidden for a woman to speak in church and if she wanted to know anything she should ask her husband privately. People still hang onto this today coz it is in their bibble. Apparently women had a habit of speaking up long ago. None of this prevented Paul from traveling with women as he went from place to place.
Jesuits expel prominent priest after allegations of sexual, spiritual and psychological abuse -- AP ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
This may be a bit more serious than being expelled from school. I remember those days and if you were "expelled" you usually could come back. Will this be the case with this priest?
Confidence in science fell in 2022 while political divides persisted, poll shows -- AP News
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2023:
A partisan divide. Republicans have no confidence in science and a great many of them have no faith either. A Repub state representative came to my house and he says he does not even read or watch the news. No wonder we are all in trouble. He was recently re-elected and now again following their agenda.
"While charges against a former president and leading contender for a major party's presidential ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 15, 2023:
I'm with you on this. It is hard to believe. Trump supporters think he can get re-elected and pardon himself. That move is about as close to dictator as you can get.
We've got to figure out what's causing this...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 15, 2023:
Who would have known? It was because of the snake that Adam and Eve had sex but only the animals were supposed to do that. Mud man and rib woman were to have remained dumb.
Catholics are flocking to Missouri to catch a glimpse of a dead nun’s corpse - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 15, 2023:
Sainthood is on the way. Nonsense like this is how it starts. I have seen bodies in churches in Germany that they claim do not rot. Of course, a little wax and other items keep up the charade. Switch this into politics and you see so-called preserved bodies in Russia and other places. I have even heard of McDonald's hamburger and fries that have looked the same for 20 years. OMG!
At least 11 states have enacted restrictive voting laws this year, new report finds | CNN Politics
DenoPenno comments on Jun 15, 2023:
So amazing that this is happening and no one stops to think and wonder why you never see Trump in a voting line anywhere. Could it be that he and others vote early and vote by mail? I live in an area of Missouri where local GOP thinks illegal voting is done often and by the bus load. Not true and never gonna happen here. Even so, they made it harder for me to get my "real ID" drivers license renewed this year. Apparently Pedro could have crossed over the border and taken over my identity. We should start a counter program where we want to go into Mexico and take over "average Joe" Mexican identities.
MSNBC Dethrones Fox News After Years-Long Ratings Dominance -- Newsweek
DenoPenno comments on Jun 15, 2023:
Media wars are not about honest reporting any longer. They seem to be about which Network can generate the most viewers. Networks shed people to try and re-invent themselves. The design of this could be to try and avoid possible upcoming lawsuits.
Hi there! What is the easiest way to set up an LLC (Limited Liability Company)?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 15, 2023:
Try Google. You are likely to get different results in Poland than you would here in the USA.
PSA: Help These Conservatives Heartbroken By Trump's Indictment | The Daily Show - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 15, 2023:
Yes, I get it but not everybody does. I work with a man who almost cries as he tells us all that Trump is an easy target and people are just doing this because they can. In Trump's defense he starts naming other elected people who probably should be investigated.
'Profoundly disturbing': Hillary Clinton weighs in on GOP efforts to defend Trump - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 15, 2023:
Very disturbing indeed as the distraction continues. I'm still worried about Hillary's e-mails when she used the same server as Colin Powell. Not many people get that. Next up, Rudy and GOP friends find Hunter Biden's laptop but Hunter held no elected office. Later on fake pictures came out of that find. Yes, I am deeply disturbed here.
Gentlemen, Any takers?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 15, 2023:
On Zuckerbook (FB) I have this same user ID and I found Sophie Morgan pics with a killer body. The profile says she has a user generated name that is not necessarily her real name, if indeed a her. I was able to post that she should "adopt me." Now this person thinks we should talk more and get to know each other. I replied that there was no real point to this as my user name is generated just like hers. What or whom are we getting to know? So far she pretends not to get it.
Bernice is a friend of mine married to Jerry since she was 15.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 15, 2023:
I'm not a betting man but I might have gotten a couple of comments here if I would have made Bernice a Baptist.
Utah Republicans are furious schools banned the Bible to comply with their book-banning law
DenoPenno comments on Jun 15, 2023:
The law is biting them in the ass and I hope they are happy. The KJV buybull is one of the worst kind. I say this because entire doctrines have been based on that translation only.
Ann Druyan, wife of Carl Sagan and alleged author of "Contact" Who turns 75 today, said; ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 14, 2023:
She is exactly correct. Without science we would again not know where the sun goes at night.
I think, therefore...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 14, 2023:
This sums it all up nicely.
Girl, 9, accused of being trans at Kelowna track meet - Kelowna News -
DenoPenno comments on Jun 14, 2023:
I agree with you whole heartedly. Not much into the trans thing myself or the use of ignorant pronouns that people are taking so seriously now, and I believe this thing will turn around later to bite them all in the ass. "What personal pronouns do you use" is a dumb question.
It's pretty obvious, traffic on this site is almost zero.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 14, 2023:
This is like rats abandoning a sinking ship. I'm gonna hang on until the site does not work at all. Most of the conservatives have gone, it appears. Our favorite antivaxxer appears to be gone. I'm tired of being told that somebody died because they got a vaccination and this is thrown in there with medical information that you simply cannot get on an individual.
Data is a critical component of solving derivative equations.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 14, 2023:
I gather data and sometimes have to re-evaluate my situations. Some people do not admit this.
She doesn't want much
DenoPenno comments on Jun 14, 2023:
That is exactly what I would want but the gardening part is optional.
A South Carolina school board's "moment of silence" has been hijacked by Christians
DenoPenno comments on Jun 14, 2023:
I firmly agree, and boy are they all screwed up. When I was in high school the "moment of silence" was always the thing. Those who want to can have a moment of silence, the teacher said. This came about after the lawsuits of MM O'Hair and the problem with that "moment" is that believers continually say we took god and prayer out of our schools. I simply do not remember prayer ever being in our schools. Believers that I went to school with claim that they do remember. I suppose the preacher was always there week after week to drum this into their heads. Even though I was Pentecostal and later studied for the ministry I simply cannot remember Jeebus being there with us in the classroom. I'm sure that even in that "moment of silence" some believers were asking to make 100 on their tests while Bobby would fail. This could be asked with a smirk and a smile, but I do not remember any of it. I went to a public school so there is no reason to have these memories that others claim to have. The only way we could of had them in the first place would be if originally we were offered " a moment of silent prayer." If this causes problems for anyone in South Carolina or anywhere else, the "moment of silence" should be completely removed.
Ron DeSantis Backpedaling on Book Ban, Blames Teachers - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 13, 2023:
A big thing to look at here is the word "they." When it comes to politics we always here what "they" are trying to do but nobody ever accurately defines just who "they" are. Unless the term is fully understood in the context it is addressing it has to refer to the other political party in some distracting manner. Often we also find that the presenter travels back in time to solidify his point when the issue is really current. This too is another distraction.
Trump sees ‘no case’ in which he’d drop out of 2024 race: ‘None whatsoever’ | The Hill
DenoPenno comments on Jun 13, 2023:
Of course Trump will not "drop out." We all know this because he refused to leave in the first place and said he was forced out. King Trump wants more than 2 terms. He wants to be in office until he dies. The unfortunate thing is we have idiots who agree with him.
Working on removal of "in god we trust" IF the god in which they trust cannot be established on ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 13, 2023:
If only this could happen, but it won't. So many people think they cannot get through their day without "their Jesus." Others know he exists because they "feel it in their hearts." My heart pumps blood but I doubt it has feelings. You never see on the news where the police gather in a circle and pray before going into the building that the bad guy is in. Leave that to Dawg the Bounty Hunter. Our society is set up in such a way that there would be a big outcry if "In God We Trust" was ever removed from anything. It might even be fitting that those words are on our money because everything is all about money. I find that money is our god.
Most Christian pastors use armed church members to thwart a possible mass shooting
DenoPenno comments on Jun 13, 2023:
This does make sense and I have talked with some church members who say their church is doing this. It is about the same thing as airlines having an "air marshal " on board.
Future of religion? Hundreds attend Church service conducted by ChatGPT - Trending News
DenoPenno comments on Jun 13, 2023:
Anyone remember Twilight Zone episodes along this line or Star Trek where the deity ends up being a machine? We are fast moving in that direction. In the last 6 years I have learned that we humans can actually be that stupid.
Fox 'News' panel MELTS DOWN after host DESTROYS Trump on Live TV - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 12, 2023:
If you discuss this with co-workers you will find that many of them have tears in their eyes and they try to take this as far away from Trump as they can. Ivanka even left daddy to switch to her hubby now that he is worth 2 billion.
Full Frontal Investigates: The Case of Jerry Falwell, Jr.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 12, 2023:
Falwell likes to watch.
I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 12, 2023:
I love this picture. It even puts tears on the face of some of his followers.
From Berlin to Maidan-----80 years on — is Nazism gaining notoriety in Ukraine?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 12, 2023:
According to Putin it is making a comeback. This has to do with more than just Donbass.
Uranus Ejected Gas Bubble 22K Times the Size of Earth
DenoPenno comments on Jun 12, 2023:
Uranus farted. Well, somebody's anus.
Lawmakers propose to weaken Obama rule requiring airlines to advertise full airfare price -- ABC ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 12, 2023:
What are we doing here? Making money by deception. Oh, I get it. This was an Obama rule.
Stossel: How Free Are You? - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 12, 2023:
I get this fully. Some people think we have the best freedom just like we have the best healthcare. We do not have the best healthcare, but we do have the best healthcare technology.
How Holy Is Donald Trump? | The Daily Show - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 12, 2023:
This depends on what type of ammunition was used.
I'm pretty sure that if I got fired from my job, but refused to leave it, and then sent a bunch of ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 12, 2023:
I firmly agree but his followers refuse to see the crime. Some of them even think we are making this all up and he did nothing wrong. A man I work with thinks we are "picking on Trump" because he is an easy mark and all the other past presidents did something equally as bad. It is not you and I who have "Trump Derangement Syndrome." Actually it is everyone else.
Three free wishes from the A.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 12, 2023:
I love AI and I'm friendly with Alexia on my Firestick. She thinks I am friendly and nice to her. Even so, I know what you are talking about and I would not pay monthly to have anything AI. Many people might hope that you would. I find this nonsense they are pushing on us about as stupid as a "virtual doctor visit."
Although it thrills me to think of Trump being found guilty, it annoys the hell out of me that the ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 12, 2023:
The goal is to use his insurrection and other things to insure that he cannot run for or have the office of POTUS again. I find it a noble and just goal but looks like they are afraid to do this. One reason is the threat of violence by his followers that he keeps stirred up. His followers still feel that he did nothing wrong, even after they read and see about the insurrection. You keep hearing about "the left" and "Antifa." The left is not encouraging violence and antifascists are not trying to get rid of a fascist. Trump was plainly trying to hold onto his office by any means that he could.
Public Service Announcement...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 11, 2023:
For her I would even join the Starfleet.
Wrong glasses
DenoPenno comments on Jun 11, 2023:
A basic reason for couples to split up in my opinion. My ex and I split because you cannot have two bosses. We still get along today but I have less stress.
A right winger that I work with recently told me that "Trump was being picked on by media over ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 10, 2023:
You do not have to have a political party weaponize anything in government departments if you can follow the Trump playbook. All you have to do is be able to read about the man both before and after he was elected. He causes his own problems.
‘The momentum is irreversible.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 10, 2023:
It is plainly also not just Catholic Churches.
First time since I deconverted that I had to witness an evangelical trying to witness to my ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 10, 2023:
Yes, it is all unbelievable. I recall in my early church daze before I was fully sucked into this nonsense how it got to me. Praying with the pastor's son I decided that if I stepped over a certain crack in the floor the Devil would kill me. (True story.) The pastor showed up and told his son to continue praying with me and he would go pray with those other people. What was all this crap? IDK. Maybe step on a crack and break your mother's back. That might be where it came from. It's easy to see how I went on to study for the ministry. It started with fear but I had to know everything. Years later I discovered that none of us know everything. If this helps you maybe you should try telling your children not to let your friend scare them. If they ask what you mean just repeat it again and then drop the subject.
Lol, have you discovered this skill you had?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 10, 2023:
Stub that toe and you will be speaking in tongues.
All are invited
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
Wait for the judge to explain, ok?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
Yes this is posted for laughs but the MAGA people just do not get it. They may even have a tear in their eye as they tell you about it, then they instantly start naming all of our other presidents they claim did the same things. I have seen this personally and all of them do not wear the red hat.
Tucker Carlson: Not A Messenger From God - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
It is surprising how many people seem to think he is a messenger from god.
A Minnesota teen is calling on his school district to stop holding graduation in a megachurch
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
What all of this is doing is attacking on two fronts to downplay anything LGBTQ and also the separation of church and state. This allows the Christian Nationalists to get their foot in the door and the next thing you know teachers are using their own "personal pronouns" to express who and what they are and what they believe. That's right. The "personal pronoun" game has been used to get religion into your school system. Teachers and school boards are entitled to their opinions, they will claim. Tax payer money will then continue to be given to private and religious schools and in a few years public schools as we know them are then a thing of the past. American Atheists are fighting against this and so is the FFRF. We should be too.
A right winger that I work with recently told me that "Trump was being picked on by media over ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
In case others have missed it I have revealed the real reason that many Republicans are deciding to "run against Trump" for the 2024 nomination. Pence and the rest know they have a snowballs chance in hell, so who does this leave? Yes, they want Cheeto back in again and he should be permanently barred from office.
[] Wow! Supreme Court votes 5-4 AGAINST racial gerrymandering in Alabama!
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
This seems to be a bit hard to believe. It makes me wonder what are they up to. I was shocked not so long ago when they took it on their own to strike down Roe v. Wade. This was a decision took without public outcry except by the stupid.
Tucker Carlson Accused By Fox News of Violating Contract – Rolling Stone
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
If Tucker is collecting payment on his contract with Fox through 2025, if he refrains from creating content that would conflict with Fox views this creates a thin line where it appears that Tucker is in violation. Fox was telling him "take this money and shut up."
Trump says he’s been indicted in classified documents investigation; Justice Dept. yet to confirm
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
For him to say it early means he wants and needs the attention. He needs this to be true so he can keep all his sheep. This is similar to my co-worker saying media is "picking on Trump" because he is an easy target. Trump is a player who needs your thoughts because without all the hoopla he will just fade away. This is part of his personality. He also continues to get money from the gullible with his wild claims.
LGBTQ+ Americans are under attack, Human Rights Campaign declares in state of emergency warning | ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
Modern American politics generate such an outstanding fear of something that others want desperately to change. My take on it is that if this is not your thing just leave it alone. Media and politicians just cannot do this and look at the trouble it creates. So many really do want the Bedroom Police.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Hit With Massive Lawsuit Over Arkansas Book Ban - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
In the political world today I have always wondered just how this person ever got elected to anything. Maybe it is because she has never made any sense to me.
During a visit to my doctor, I asked him, "How do you determine whether or not an older person ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
A more advanced thing here than the in-home yearly visit where you are asked to draw a clock with hands on it to depict a certain time. Aetna wants me to come back to the in-home visits and has offered me money to do so. I refuse and tell them it is a test to see how close to the nursing home I am. I'm wondering how a millennial would pass that test.
Men have been saying this all along for crying out loud.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
i want to find a woman like that.
What a guy! He'll do anything to keep her happy.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
I love women. These daze much younger women. One thing I have noticed that starts trouble is men wanting to "do anything" to keep women happy. This impossible task usually ends up in lies that lead to divorce.
Crick an associate of Watson and Crick.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
I look at Crick's words as a true statement. As far as the bible is concerned we have to admit that what we know today as our bible came to us by decree and acceptance of texts many years after the time of Jesus and not all scripture of the times made the grade. Call this evolution of the bible if you like. It proves the book is an invention of men. I do not have to consider any other faith evidence as being more truthful because there is no evidence of a creator wanting mankind to write a book.
I can't think of a more appropriate way to celebrate a birthday than...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
When I am home I am always in my birthday suit. I live alone and can see outside but nobody can see in. This naturalness helps me with the electric bill in summer and all that is missing is a woman to practice this with me. :)
Today is a great day for news.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
Many people will not get a lot of this because we live in a world of distractions today. Media creates distractions and little by little they seem to be melting away. People get onboard with their personal level of distraction and ride it as if it was the truth. This is why Santos got elected, Robertson was believed, and Trump supporters still think the election was stolen from him. If you want something to be real just claim it and it is yours. That only works for a while.
What we can learn from the disgraceful life of Pat Robertson
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
Hemat says it best. Robertson seems to have went into never neverland possibly on a spirit horse, but that is just my opinion.
Pat Robertson Dead at 93 – Rolling Stone
DenoPenno comments on Jun 9, 2023:
At one time he was into diamond mines in Africa. The ignorant bastard and one time presidential candidate thought his god wanted him to have diamond mines. Then a few years ago there were lies about the phenomenal amount of weight he could press with his legs. Trouble in Haiti came along and he was there to claim they made a pact with the Devil years ago so none of it surprised him. Once the question of spirit animals came up and he said he did not think animals had souls but there were spirit animals because Jesus and friends return in the last daze riding spirit horses in the sky.
Good news! Pat Robertson has gone to hell.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 8, 2023:
To think that this idiot ran for president back in my church daze.
It changed my life
DenoPenno comments on Jun 7, 2023:
I'm starting to feel this way about almost everyone. None of us feel and think the same even when we lie and say that we do. Follow others closely and you will be able to see this for yourself. The problem is that we are all guilty.
Contraceptive injections for cats show promise | CNN
DenoPenno comments on Jun 7, 2023:
Yes, but this is not right. It should be by prescription only and if any of those cats travel across state lines to get that injection I want names and they could go to prison. Maybe even for life. :)
And we have a winner!
DenoPenno comments on Jun 7, 2023:
The modern view of prayer is that it is just a thought. It must not be the thought that counts.
It's very old, you should not drink
DenoPenno comments on Jun 7, 2023:
I get it. Just this morning I ate Cheerios that expired the 28th of May. OMG! Am I gonna die? Good today and no good tomorrow. I once worked with a woman who claimed her son came in often and gathered up her expired food to throw it away. He would only do that once in my house.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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