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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


Why are you voting for your presidential candidate?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2020:
I believe in fair treatment of all people of all races, healthcare for all, good clean water and food for all, with protection of our Democracy that I feel is now on the line. The right talks about the "radical left" but all I have seen for the last 4 years comes out of an extreme radical right. Guns everywhere including super markets, court houses, etc is not normal. The stock market does not control the economy and our current regime is of the extremist form. In fact, Mr. Trump is not sure if he will agree to a peaceful exchange of power should he lose. I have to ask if this is normal. When did it become normal and why have I not seen it before in my 74 years of life? Many of us want to take back our country and take back our Democracy. What is going on in America today has happened in other parts of the world before. Let's not let it happen here. We need to vote for ourselves and the American way of life and also vote with our children and grandchildren in mind. Donald Trump has no conscience or empathy. If you vote for him neither do you.
I'm an atheist who loves cats....
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2020:
I like cats and dogs along with most animals.
How many of you curse like a sailor?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2020:
I cuss like a sailor but I was in the Army. Is that a contradiction?
Tucker Carlson: America ‘Can’t Handle’ COVID Because US ‘Denies That Death Is Real’ ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2020:
Tucker is just another idiot.
I am either an agnostic (don't know, don't care - we'll all find out soon enough) or humanist.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2020:
I think when you die you are dead. Some people do not understand that. You know, like Jesus died and he is dead. So is your dead dog.
I am either an agnostic (don't know, don't care - we'll all find out soon enough) or humanist.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2020:
What happens at death? You die and you are dead. This means certain physical changes set in slowly and forever. Let me explain using a toad. You have a dead toad and you set it aside. Come back and view it from time to time and see how it looks. It will dehydrate and become all shriveled up. Give it enough time and there is barely anything left. You can no longer distinguish it as a toad. Oh, I'm sorry. You are talking about a human being so you add another property that you cannot prove and then you start making things up. Now death takes on a whole new meaning. At least some think it does, but I simply do not believe it.
If you aren't an atheist would you be kind enough to explain your reasons?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2020:
But I am an atheist. I am an agnostic atheist all the way. I am agnostic and I am without god. I view being an "agnostic theist" as an oxymoron unless you call yourself a Deist. Today we have science which answers a lot of Deistic questions.
Anyone ever remember praying over your food and asking god to "use it for the nourishment of your ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2020:
I believe that modern prayer over your food is an aberration of what original prayer of this type would have been. Place yourself in a world with no refrigeration. Praying over your food then takes on a whole new meaning. People in our modern times seem to let this go right over their heads.
Just a gentle reminder.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Bullshit! I think the media is taking this stance and Trumpers knew they would do it. They claim they "respect the office." I do not have to support whoever is POTUS. I do not have to call them my president. In fact, it is perfectly OK to not like them at all. Trump is a liar and a conman and talks out of both sides of his mouth. Follow the tweets and it is hard to know where he stands on anything. Time to Dump Trump 2020.
Memories of Catholic Upbringing: “proof there is a god” My parents were devout Catholics.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
"Terrified" Jon Stewart Sums Up How Americans Feel Right Now.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
I feel exactly as you do. Of course, my Trumper insurance lady is now all in a tizzy about Biden and his son but not affected by anything close to this with Trump and how he asked a foreign government to investigate Biden. She chases Trumper ideas as true and tells me that all politics are corrupt. It means she only hears what she wants to hear. Then that house I pass every day that has all kinds of flags up to show now has an American flag and Lee's battle flag up once again. No flags at all were there for 5 days but maybe this is something for Halloween just to scare us. Who knows? Beyond that, Trump Jr. laughs at some Trumpers having a little fun by ramming into a Biden bus. All of this really is the "radical left" isn't it? People believe it and that is what they say. WTF?
Peace, Respect and Protectivity for all Terra-Family! Pace, Respect și Protectivitate pentru totă ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Pro-Choice Christians: []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
This is the kind of bullshit that happens when you mix politics and religion. What the hell were they thinking?
Sad news this morning of the death, aged 90, of Sir Sean Connery.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
He will be missed. As for his bodybuilding I have even found old pictures of contests he was in back in the 50's.
Anyone else feel this way?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Yes, I do. I'm often calling someone an "old man" without any thought of my own age. This is because the creature living inside my body does not see age. I am limited only by my naptime these days. :)
I never knew this.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Me neither but then I have not carved many pumpkins.
This asshole is now peddling the qanon theory that doctors are being bribed to report all deaths as ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
People are forgetting something. Trump does not care and he needs money now. It is said that he has invested in one of these "cures" that now claims you can get a dose for $3,000. Is it possible that the superspreader is trying to make money off the sick just like the developers are? Trump will deny it and later claim he had no idea the price was so high, but this is worth thinking about. Why not? Remember Trump University?
The closer we get to election day, the sicker I feel.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
I share your fears exactly. Of course, we need to blame media for this "National Enquirer" effect on events every time someone farts. This is all to manipulate our actions and sell us something. The bottom line for me is that I do not remember this sort of anxiety with any other president ever. It follows that I do not like this new world today at all.
Farewell, Sir Sean Connery. 😥
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Thanks for posting. I did not even know he had passed.
Memories of Catholic upbringing: we went to a small parochial school, adjacent to the rectory, ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
I hear ya. Oral Roberts once had some money problems and a preacher in Texas by the name of Ewing gave him the "prosperity gospel." In return Oral Roberts gave him an airplane.
What are some ways that religion is starting to decline?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
We are starting to use our thinking skills but I don't see this as really making a difference. Our current political situation and beliefs on it is one example. Jim Jones is yet another. Then we have those whackos that poisoned themselves and just knew they would be picked up by the tail of that comet passing by. Let's not forget Scientology if you think of bizarre religions. All of this is a human cycle of sorts. I feel that what is on the decline in Christianity is the "up in heaven now" belief. It irks me to death that you might be at a funeral home viewing the body in the casket and some idiot wants to claim the deceased is "in a better place" and that they are "up in heaven now." Are these people blind? Do they not have eyes? If you call them on this they start in making things up. This might be what is in decline right now. Otherwise the religious cycle just continues, and I do have pixies living in my shoes. Always remember that a great amount of this is caused by the lies we tell our own child and the age we start lying to them. Be true to your children.
I really want to tell people I’m atheist, but living in the Bible Belt I feel like I’ll lose ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
You will lose friends and family if you do. That much is a given. Now let's examine the desire to tell others you are atheist. Why would you want to do that? It's not a good idea if you work for believers and it's not good to brag about your beliefs. I work for a corporation of believers and when religion comes up I state that earlier in my life I studied for the ministry as a Pentecostal but today I do not even go to church. If someone adds to that and makes up what they thought I said, I stop them. I get away with this because I work with a bunch of believers that also no longer go to church. We are all back to a common ground without any argument and I keep my job. Welcome and good luck to you.
“American Christianity’s theological core has been thoroughly structured by an interest in ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
I would have let this all go in my church daze years but today it is so plain that I would have to have become a non-believer just on this issue alone.
Catholic Teacher and Priest Teamed Up to Assault Six-Year-Old, Lawsuit Alleges | Val Wilde | ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
I understand that these things happen and have happened. What I do not understand is that it takes 40 or 50 years to bring it all out. Why?
Man beaten and burnt to death for the crime of stepping on a Quran. : atheism
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Another issue of ignorance here. The two men in question seem to have openly stepped on a Quran in a Mosque somewhere. Why did they do that? This is like asking for it. I'm reminded of the question of whether a person should go to prison for burning the American flag. So many people answer "yes." If nobody saw you burn it who would know? This is an important question. Here, knock this chip off my shoulder. I dare you.
Excellent reason to vote
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Trump needs to go to prison whether we elect Joe Biden or not.
WITCHES - here are some witches (Remember I am an ATHEIST, I do NOT believe in witches!) Kitchen ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
I knew a woman that claimed to be a witch. She married a friend of mine. In fact, he was my best friend at the time. That was many years ago and they are long divorced. I wish she was still around my area today. :)
The danger of believing in fairy-tales; as crazy as if, you felt that you could fly, because in the ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
I wonder if the Nigerian prophet ever considered drinking poison? His bible says he can do that too and not be harmed. In Kenya I saw lions like this and we were separated by a chain link fence.
A small whisper that the Bible is just a badly written fairy-tale and the projections of its (very ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Many apologists try to invalidate that verse but I believe it means exactly what it says. Judah did not have chariots of iron and the other guys did.
The people most terrified of Satan are Christians; they see the Devil behind every rock and ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Yes, it is almost like saying we are fighting ourselves and we are our own enemy. I submit this in the "man created god" idea.
A conundrum. How can one be profane if one does not believe in the God myth?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
Modern Evangelicals are profane. They appear not to even know the god myth.
A Catholic school in Michigan is asking a federal judge to stop enforcement of mask mandates.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
To mask or not as a religious issue. What an oxymoron. Look at it deeply enough and it takes you back to the "why" of America having the more COVID. This too, was started by a moron. Now they claim they have won the war and COVID is gone and no problem any longer. Do they really believe this? Maybe what it means is that Donnie has stock in that new vaccine that will be selling for $3000 a pop..
I really like this site but I'm a bit confused about how it works.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
Just stick around and comment. I don't know yet if we get a trip to Disneyland.
Sen. Kelly Loeffler Says She's 'Not Familiar' With Trump 'Grab 'Em' Tape | HuffPost
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
Trumpers like her are more comfortable saying that we are making this all up. They never check anything.
Preacher: 60 Million Aborted Fetuses Would Totally Vote for Trump if They Could | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
Fetuses cannot vote. It's a fact folks. Aborted or otherwise, they cannot vote.
Kanye West: I Got a $68 Million Tax Refund Because I’m “In Service To Christ” | Beth ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
Kanye West is in some sort of service? Christ!!
Bitter Christian Activist: Joe Biden and Both Clintons “Are the Illuminati!” | Beth Stoneburner ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
She makes a lot of noise for attention but is not very Illuminated herself.
Sunday is "All Souls Day", and a public holiday in Spain.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
Monday and Tuesday no holiday for me. Kids may not like me but I have no Halloween. My sign will point them next door where candy is always given out. I don't even put out food for the dead.
I'm so glad there are people like her out there to help people understand the dangers of religion in...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
I think it was Bill O'Reilly who once said "god is still up there and nobody knows why the tides go in and out."if my quote is correct this man needs to learn a whole lot about his religion. Maybe a little science too.
As a retired biology teacher I like to conjecture troubles with religion that the average person ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
Very well said. The alpha changes from physical in our modern society. You can see it in today's politics. The weaker of us is pushed to the outside and the alpha still eats first. Often they eat the best.
I got the opportunity to talk to a philosopher and he said "reality is an incarnation of the ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
What evidence is there for a spiritual realm? None. Zero. Being spiritual can mean almost anything you want it to mean. I once told a woman I worked with that I was no longer a believer. She said that I seemed so spiritual to her. I think what she meant was that she did not see me as wanting to eat babies.
The Democrats in the Senate were way too nice to this horrible creature.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
I'm sure Trump is counting on her because many think the election will end up in the courts. As for Barrett, the "originalist", she is there for other things Trump has planned for later. The country might go back 100 years but about 85 is what they are trying for. If Barrett truly is an "originalist" Constitutionally we all need to consider that she would not even be allowed to vote, let alone be a judge of any kind.
I've always thought that the key to the existence of gods, was for humans to have an ultimate ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
Yes, but there is one problem here. Angels in heaven do not come from dead humans who lived on Earth. The bible is plain that Angels are created. Modern Evangelicals might be confused by a verse in Revelation 22:9 where the angel says he is a servant just like you and the prophets, etc. and therefore should not be worshiped. Believers think the Angel said he was once a man just like you, but that is not what was said at all. For some reason the religious think that their god makes dead humans (including babies) into heavenly Angels and tell this to the grieving possibly trying to comfort them. It has no comfort to me. It is almost sickening.
Happy Thursday Friends! It's cold and rainy and dreary outside today and you know what that means - ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
I love chili and could have it a couple of times a week. Looks like you are a good cook.
I know there is a secular org in Denver, and I want to get more involved there.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
Good luck. I need to search for this in Missouri.
Interest in Englewood Atheist Community
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
I'm trapped in an area of Missouri where people are afraid of god.
Preachers Are Sneaking Into Public Schools By Saying They’re “Character Coaches” | Hemant ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
Fake names and fake titles and sometimes getting their jollies by telling young children they are going to hell and watching them cry. It's surprising that so many today claim we have to get to the young early and they actually believe we need this. It's barbaric.
I must apologize beforehand for the length of this post, but I sincerely think that it needs this ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
Yes, we are all indoctrinated early into god belief. I think some of this is because our parents want to make sure we do not do wrong things so they tell us that every bad deed gets punished. Someone along the way forgot that our indoctrination is a bad deed. Then there is that mean old Henry Kissenger who is 97 years old these days. What political mischief and murder could he be up to?
Giuliani LOSES IT on FOX host for calling out his shady behavior, ENDS interview [youtube.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2020:
Gargamel. That's hilarious! Bring back cartoon memories of years ago with GargleSmell. :)
Is an atheist kinder than a believer? What is your experience?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2020:
I'm trying to answer this and cannot really. It's because I do not know. To me some atheists are stupid. These are the ones who cannot believe in gods but yet do believe in spirits and people on other planets, also thinking spacemen were our early "gods." The reason I call this stupid is because suddenly there are several things all at once to not have evidence for. This type of reasoning is why Scientology caught on with so many. You know, the religion started by an alcoholic science fiction writer. Back to your original question. I'm not so sure I can answer it. I do believe that the kinder people are those who are not always making stuff up.
Majority of Gays Are Possessed by Ghosts, So-Called Study Says
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2020:
Of course they have no proof for any of it. In my church daze it was not ghosts but spirits and demons instead. Since they have no bodies themselves they enter into you in order to experience their "perversions" through your body. Getting rid of them would involve a lot of praying, speaking in tongues, and rolling around on the floor. I can only imagine that if the church members thought they had a truly gay person and if that person was smart, they might go through with this just so the church would leave them alone. Maybe they wanted to be a church member so they played along once discovered or found out. If so, this would lead on into "conversion therapy" groups later as the church would think their "cure" really did work. I don't know the above for a fact and I'm only guessing. I do this because a large number of gay people want to continue clinging on to a religion. This gets me to asking why a church would think spirits and demons wanted gay sex. Is this something normal spirits and demons do? Where did they learn it? For anyone thinking on this "conversion therapy" now starts to look very lame. I see the article as taking what I've said and adding that the possessing spirit is of the opposite sex in order to explain the attraction gay and lesbian's have for the same sex. In my time we were not that smart in explaining the "why" of the situation.
Life, Philosophy, and Everything In-Between: My Time with Teen Mania
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2020:
I think something like this would cause you a hell of a lot of confusion. I missed out on a lot of things in my teen years because my parents were very religious and so poor that I was denied a normal teenage life. I suppose that's how they pointed me toward the ministry which I am so glad that I rejected later.
A Right-Wing Christian Group Made an Electoral College Propaganda Video for Kids | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2020:
Yet another view that gerrymandering is right and explaining it to young people to get them trained and ready for political cheating. The electoral college is just another form of gerrymandering.
Half of Americans say Bible should influence U.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2020:
Frightening and very sad. I say this because that 28 percent who think the bible should influence and reflect U. S. law are greatly deceived by another group that we know today as the top 1 percent. This includes Koch, DeVos, Mercer and others who want America to become that "Christian Nation" that it never was to begin with. Then it becomes so much easier to use religion to make the poor work for you. People need to wake up.
This is me except I'm not a guy.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2020:
I believe the powers at the very top want to do this to us so they can sell us more stuff. This is why I have toilet paper enough for 10 months now and also why others continually bug me in e-mails or on my phone.
Well, attended the Local Court on Tuesday for the Hearing of the Case re- Belinda v.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
Wearing of clerical garb will get more sympathy than a DOC jumpsuit. This is also why in sexual or murder cases a woman on trial is made up to look like an innocent little girl. The jumpsuit makes everyone equal.
TO ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS: Reflect on the Large number of people Trump appointed to his ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
The cult of 45 does not care. One woman in Florida put it right about a year ago. She said she supports Trump but he is not hurting the right people. This is some sort of inner truth that Trumpers suppose they have. My question is why do we have to hurt anyone? Then there is the bumper sticker that I saw again just last week -- "Trump 2020 -- Make Liberals Cry Again." For some this is what it's about. No conscience and no empathy. It follows that many are really happy that they have no taxes, or almost no taxes now. OK, where does road improvements and other such things come from? It seems like nobody is thinking here. In my area people act as though they are happy to get a couple of extra bucks on their paycheck, and some argue that corporations should not have to provide you with benefits. You can't fix stupid. Some are apparently proud that they have 3 jobs now. Then there are the non-working dopers up the street from me who have a Trump sign in their front yard. This is ignorant chaos all the way around.
Witches and women “It was not witches who burned.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
Interesting and so true. In my lifetime I've been into certain herbs and ways of getting rid or warts, moles, etc. and it seems so natural and right. Strangely, I've had others ask me what kind of witchcraft was that. People are so ignorant.
There is blood on (Wall) street every day.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
The stock market is possibly related to the economy if you are in the top 1 percent category. Otherwise it has very little at all to do with our economy and most of us do not know anyone who has stocks. If we do, they are not talking about having any stock.
Have you voted yet?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
I will vote on the 3rd at our Community Center. I doubt we will have over 200 people there and it should be easy to do. I have already saw a sample ballot.
My mother was a devout catholic.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
The Roman Catholic Church is a business. It is not a very reputable business.
Poland abortion ruling sparks 'women's strike.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
Anyone ever think that because Trump is getting away with crap here in America that others in the world want to take up these issues again with thoughts that they might win this time. It's a real setback for women's health. Then I surmise that the political view worldwide is that another human being coming into the world will add to the wealth of the rich and mighty. It certainly has very little to do with religion.
Advocates fear Barrett will strip away gay rights. It could begin next week.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
Barrett will be all for stripping that away. Let's keep in mind that there are others on the Supreme Court who might counter her view. The question is why now? Why is this all coming back to bite us now? Remember that Barrett is an "originalist" Constitution wise and would also have to admit there were no women voters or women judges back in the early days. This makes her view and her position an oxymoron.
Originalist this.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
Perfect answer for a shill like Barrett. By her own definition of "originalist" she would have no position at all. Too many fail to see this and they cannot see what is going on here. Trump and his GOP want to use her to chop up needed programs.
RATS Another Lincoln Project ad that's pretty fun. :p :p []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
Donald Trump and crew are half assed. They Made America Hate Again. MAHA on a red hat.
Jared Kushner Success Tips: [] Fuck this guy!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
Screw Jared Kushner and anybody that likes him. Use a baseball bat.
No one in the church gets upset when children get abused.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
Priests and abused children has went on for a long time now and always gets covered up. It's a shame. What I'm really tired of seeing and hearing about is the Boy Scouts. OK, I get it. You are 40 plus years old and got abused sexually. Now a lawyer will get you $250 while he himself rakes in a pile of money. That is not justice either.
Breonna Taylor grand jurors say police actions were 'negligent' and 'criminal' but were NOT given ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
Yes, and this is where it all goes wrong. Prosecutors are very often all about building a political career and nothing more. I've even seen cases on TV where a judge steps in at last minute before jury deliberation and tells the jury exactly how they have to react and the conclusion they have to come up with by law. Some legal things are just absurd. As for Breonna Taylor, she was murdered. Anything racial here? Let me switch briefly to Kamala Harris dancing in the rain at a recent gathering. People made bad remarks about it. Can't a black woman be happy? Would the bad remarks be there if it was a white person dancing in the rain? People of color get bad remarks generally and sometimes like Breonna Taylor they get murdered.
Last Call This is powerful.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2020:
I did not make me cry but I fully get it. Those who vote for Trump do not because like him, they have no conscience or empathy.
Preacher: I Just Cured Rush Limbaugh’s Terminal Lung Cancer With My Prayers | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2020:
This is amazing! Let's get that man to St. Jude right now. Who believes this horseshit?
Europe's daily Covid deaths rose by nearly 40% compared with the previous week, the World Health ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2020:
Yes, but in America Jebus will protect you and you have a good given right not to wear a mask and it is also in the Constitution. NOT
Reall really SCARY!!!! []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2020:
Trump will not concede. He will bother us daily and do his best to have it all tied up in the courts forever if he can. The problem is that he thinks he can go on in office all during this time and his ignorant supporters are there to threaten war if needed. The only cure is a landslide victory and to have him drug out of the WH kicking and screaming. Then deal with uprisings as they happen.
Another Legal Loss for Trump: []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2020:
Of course Trump cannot be replaced as a defendant in the lawsuit. This is because Trump is being sued and he has to defend himself. It is also unethical to just disregard the case. Trumpy, face up baby! You are the chosen one, NOT.
Are stupid dope head misandric women trying to ruin your day?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2020:
If this applies I have one from Meet Me which is said to be a dating site. The young woman posted a pic of her crying baby at bed time and said the child was "an asshole." I posted that "this is a baby who has no idea what an asshole is at all." OMG. The woman who has doper posts also called me a "dude" and said I should not read her posts "straight up." She loves her child, and the child is taken care of properly, and she gave everything for that child, etc., etc. I simply posted again that she doesn't get it and I never said or even hinted at any of that. So much for posts of this old white guy. I suppose I'm "fricking sad" also.
Are you a diabetic? C19 causes diabetes.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2020:
So, Corona is causing an entirely new form of diabetes. Pretty extreme don't you think?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2020:
The best kind of Jesus to have is one who does your personal bidding. :)
White building paint could replace air conditioning. But what about heat?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2020:
I do not remember solar cooking in school but I can do it when I have to. In Kenya they have "Momma Solar" to come around and teach them how to solar cook. Many there do not have any means to cook. When I was there some were amazed at how I said you could take old water heaters and strip them to bare metal, then have reflective mirrors around them to heat water. This setup would be on top of a roof and should work fine. The hotel I was in wasted energy by turning water heaters on and off. It takes too long to heat it all back up.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2020:
Many of us are at different levels of maturity. This is totally normal. Some of us are who we are because we can actually see into our past and we wanted to make it better. If something screws up we may not always be able to fix it, but we can see what went wrong and why it did.
Pimping out a friend on dating sites. What's up with that?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2020:
If I might comment twice on this issue, I'm once again in Meet Me tonight to find yet another "something" after me. The single picture of the girl is about 20 years old and from New York. (This part usually stays the same.) I honestly believe it was an AI because some things were not understood readily and were asked twice. Distance in the "relationship" did not matter, I was told. The goal is to get me to download Whatsap so we can be together. I played along until the suspected bot gave up. This may not be an exact "pimping out" but I find it similar. Rather than someone else setting you up, someone or something on the Meet Me site is doing it. Once again WE are the product. The goal is to sell us something and even steal your information along the way. Whether you play along for fun or not always beware in this sort of situation.
Today's Hike: Golden Week and clueless Mormons.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2020:
Sounds exciting but I got cold just looking at the pictures. Oh, well. It's been raining here all day and is cold anyway.
It's ten days away... Are you feeling anxious, nervous, excited, or scared? Vote Biden!!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2020:
I'm feeling all of the above, Kaitlyn. Hoping for the best.
FL Pastor and Son Accused of Sexual Cyberharassment by High School Cheerleader | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2020:
Very strange but somehow right in there with things today. Anyone every think that it might be Eli's dad doing this? If so, it might explain all the self righteous actions of the family later. My bet is that it was all the pastor and not his son.
Update: Street Preacher Who Broke a Man’s Leg Charged With Aggravated Assault | Val Wilde | ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2020:
Will this help him listen better next time?
Pimping out a friend on dating sites. What's up with that?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2020:
Something wrong with his writing and word choices. Maybe the scam was that it's the guy himself hiding behind an imaginary friend. Who knows? I get similar things in Meet Me. Usually what they are trying to set me up with is an app. Then there are those who think you have to visit a completely different site to exchange phone numbers. Just join the site and my info will be on the second page. Paid by the click and by the download. It's now a way of life.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2020:
Yes, everyone knows. People are saying. They tell me. Does any of that sound familiar? Everything has the possibility of being topsy tervy and up in the air including Congress and Senate. Right now we don't know. Does a bear shit in the woods? Will Trump die in office? IDK. Maybe the bear will be elected president.
I had in interesting session with my therapist.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2020:
A therapist like this could have you wanking off in no time. It might help you but only a male would recommend it.
I got off in a wrong political crowd last evening as a political activist.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2020:
I often check my posts and another one there attacked today with "Trump 2020." I had to reply and here is what I said. "Trump has no conscience or empathy. If you support him neither do you." Make it simple, to the point, and factual.
Monologue: From Russia With Yuck | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2020:
Bill is so right on. He does comedy yes, but he is a political activist.
The Damn Commandments - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2020:
Aron Ra is correct here and so is the late D. M. Murdock. (Acharya S) The strangest thing about the said 10 Commandments is that believers think this is where we get all of our laws. Court houses are full of this crap but it is a lie. First off the mythical god says "thou shalt have no gods before me." Today I see this as all very laughable. Jehovah was a tribal god.
Question: What are your thoughts on the works of Friedrich Nietzsche?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2020:
Some of his writing is impressive and some not. You have to understand his times and where he came from to try and understand him. Many today still fight his idea of "god is dead" by making stupid and ignorant movies on the subject. For example, many disagree with me when a famous modern non-believer turns to god because if he did not he would lose his wife and children. Lee Stobel is one such man that comes to mind as I write.
Cardinal Raymond Burke: God Says Gays Have No Right To ‘Form Families’ | Michael Stone
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2020:
According to god gays are only men. Women as property did not even rank high enough to be considered as gay. So much for god and the bibble.
Pat Robertson Was Thrown By a Question About How We’re Not a “Christian Nation” | Hemant Mehta...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2020:
This sounds about right for Robertson. My lifetime religious friend is also just about as dumb. He just does not get it that America is not a Christian nation. He also thinks it would be a "good idea" if they were. He simply cannot imagine that this would cause any trouble at all. Back to Pat Robertson, I'm wondering how his diamond mines worked out. He used to pray very hard for god to give him those diamond mines.
I hadn't seen this for a while.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2020:
I remember this and it is a real classic.
Happy Thursday Everyone! What’s the funniest actual name you’ve heard of someone having?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2020:
I worked with a guy named Nary once. That's right. His name was Nary. Every time he had a name put on a workshirt or jacket it always came back as "Mary."
Experts Say Trump’s Massive Debts Make Him a Serious Security If reelected, analysts say ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2020:
Trump is garbage and he is really starting to smell. Trump Derangement Syndrome is not what we have. It is what his supporters have. Time to Dump Trump. Just a sample of one of my many political activist posts. The Trump brand has grown into something that will actually threaten American national security. As the Trump debt goes higher Trump himself becomes a threat as well. This would be similar to having a heroin addict guarding the national treasury.
The trump Crime Family We've heard all this before... for many years... []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2020:
Let's get rid of the Trump crime family.
Born on this date, October 24, in 1947 in St.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2020:
I like Kevin Kline movies. Happy birthday.
Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back : atheism
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2020:
We will see much less religion in 20 years time also. I recently talked with the millennial son of a Mexican woman I know. His heritage is very reigious but I see he is using his mind and facts more today. It seems this way with all people his age that I talk with.
What is the strangest thing ever said to you after hearing you’re an atheist?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2020:
Currently I do not remember. Although I identify as atheist I do not often use the word. I talk around belief in such a way as to not openly anger the other person. This is because my workplace is a believer founder corporation and I am usually in my work environment.
When people ask me about my religion, i answer that i am a secular Jew.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2020:
At least you have a remembered ethnicity. I'm a mutt who only has an earlier confusion of religious belief that finally got me to where I am today.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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