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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


Pipe Bomb Suspect's Twitter is filled with Pro-Trump and Anti-Democrat memes []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Conservative talk radio today had a fit that this bomber could even be Republican. All the callers thought it was a "put up" job and they laughed at the memes and MAGA hat type person that was arrested. Somehow this showed them that the Dems were behind it. Limbaugh even said that Republicans would not do this. Would a Nazi or a Fascist do this? OK, now they are saying the guy is mentally ill. Oh, that changes everything. If Donald would keep his frigging mouth shut that might change everything too.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
He wants the media filled with voting issues and not bomb threats. It would not matter. He would find something wrong anyway and turn the issue to himself. He always does.
Here's a question I often pose to the anti-abortion crowd.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
**I'm more likely to make sure she is on the pill so she doesn't get pregnant to start with.** Abortion is NOT birth control and it was never intended to be used as birth control. Contrary to popular Republican opinion women are not using abortion as birth control. Price some pills against the cost of abortion and you will see. If you think it is all free at a clinic keep in mind that those people are not stupid. Most people do pay something and it's based on your income and personal situation.
Alright, I said I would reveal who she is so, here's a pic.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Nice pic of her. Many thanks.
What is holding you back in life to life out your fantasy ?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
I cannot become invisible and time machines do not exist. :)
So the stores are open here in Montreal with no product and Well we have huge lineups at the pot ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
I'm seriously thinking of dropping $15,000 into Canopy Global or some other legal supplier now that this is legal. I'm reluctant because I know nothing of the stock market so I'm not sure what to do.Looks to me like investing in pot would bring a steady growth and a good return.
What do you think about this article?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
If AI develops a mind of it's own in our future lets hope it can see through and do away with political nonsense and things like cartoons advertising insurance, etc. On the other hand, if AI develops in different ways we might have new political parties and be super screwed.
Voter Suppression & The GOP’s Indirect Racism - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Voter registration. If you have satisfied requirements for a drivers license you should be able to vote. OK, you were born and they instantly gave you a social security number. Let that also be voter registration time as well. The GOP would have a fit because it would limit their gerrymandering.
Has anyone out there seen this guy Jesse Lee Peterson?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
I'm sorry. I had to exit this nonsense when he got to the part about a beta male and what the normal state of a male was, and he called it conservative. I would be OK with this if he was talking about being frugal. Instead he appears to be talking about politics. It's laughable.
Do we ever truly get over childhood hurts?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
You did what you had to do and I cannot blame you. In my own situation it has been over a year now since I have seen my stepdad who is in a nursing home. He criticized me constantly as long as I knew him, and I even bought my place from him after mom died. He has dementia now and fixed it to where no one would ever have POA over him. Well, he was wrong. He will die there.
Do you consider yourself a good lover to your partner or spouse and why?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Probably as good as anybody else. Why? I'm knowledgeable.
Hound Dog Man.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Filling the Swamp | The Daily Show []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Pruitt was a big mistake. So is Ben Carson. In fact, the entire Trump Swamp is beyond belief and in my area the rednecks all like them.
Ron DeSantis Has MELTDOWN During Debate - TYT []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Is Ron DeSantis a white supremacist and a racist? Does a bear crap in the woods? Don't give me that spiel about how poor white men suffer from racism today. Most of us know better.
This sadly is what the country is going through!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
They represent how I feel right now. As most of our people go through life daily unaffected, I wonder when we are going to wake up and realize that any other POTUS doing what Trump does and says would have long been forcibly removed by now. He would not only have been removed, he would also be in prison. Ask yourself if Obama would have gotten away with any of it, or Bush, or Bill Clinton. Wake up America!
Suddenly all the mass media is now starting to spew doom and gloom for those running against the ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
Vote blue to get rid of the fascists. If you do not vote it may be a rite of the past for future generations. Vote and stay free.
A Convenient Caravan: Cui Bono?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
Nice and very well worded. I'll have to see the caravan outcome to actually know what I think about it.I'm repeating here again but a man on this site said it was probably the Dems doing this, or George Soros. He just knew there was something going on with the caravans because he watched footage closely and he saw money changing hands. That showed the plot part of it, he said. My reply was that maybe they wanted to stop by Piggly Wiggly along the way, or perhaps stop at McDonalds. Sometimes I just cannot resist.
I have to wonder.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
Obama is an educated but yet fortunate man. I believe he has genuine compassion and could have done more as president if the GOP would have worked with him. They chose not to. Trump has little education by comparison and his word choices seem to declare this. He tells a different story but was literally born into wealth. He has no compassion and he's a habitual liar and a conman.
Anyone Checking the Red House? Errrr I meant the white house. []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
As the insanity goes on and Limbaugh says that "Republicans would not do this" I have an early pitch for conservative talk radio Friday morning where Dave Weinbaum is going to go with the pipe bombs as a "Democratic plot." Trump blames "fake news" and even includes the media he uses but he takes no blame himself. Is somebody laughing somewhere or are they pissed that the bombs did not go off?
Older People Are Worse Than Young People at Telling Fact from Opinion []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
I'm sure there are exceptions but it is true for the most part. A friend of mine is in with the silver haired legislators group in this state and he is trying to explain things to older people for the upcoming mid term elections. He told a group of seniors how Trump is taking away your social security and the GOP will claim portions of that money next year to help balance the budget. One senior there decided they could take all of his money because he didn't draw that much anyway. Young or old, this is what we are up against when you present facts.
Here's my AGNOSTIC shirt! I like it a lot! Thanks to Administration!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
You look great. I'm happy for you. I got mine today also but no one to take my pic in it until Saturday.
Fox Business Network host peddles conspiracy theory about suspicious packages.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
As if this was not bad enough already Trump blames the media that he always said was "fake news" and he also blamed Twitter in another post. Apparently they are allowing something here that Trump doesn't like but at the same time they are mostly reporting/tweeting his words and biased opinions. This POS can't take responsibility for anything. He's the worst.
Another great Beto endorsement! []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
I'm really hoping Beto wins but you never know about Texas these days.
A Faceless Dialogue -
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
Amazing. The entire FB dialog is coming from a faceless bot set up by algorithm. They are starting to use this method in phone calls now too.
Myths and facts. can you tell them apart? it's easy if you have a brain and pay attention. g
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
I agree with you totally. I also note that some posting here are not from our country and they make the claims that something is going on here because they looked closely at the caravan mobs and they saw money changing hands. Well, there we go again with myths vs. facts. Rather than blame the migrant caravans on George Soros can't we just assume that maybe along the way they are going to stop at Piggly Wiggly or McDonalds? Then we have the bombs that were left for liberal politicians and some are saying foul because the bombs did not go off. Just today Rush Numbnutz says "this is not Republicans because Republicans would not do anything like this." Oh, the limitations of political party! Is this a fact?
God’s Intelligent Design?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
That covers it nicely. Maybe god was just trying to "fine tune" human beings over time. :)
National Socialist Workers Party = NAZI They the Hitler and the Nazi party were “Nationalist”...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
I can see this 100 percent. Then we have people like Rush Numbnutz who says "this is not Republicans because Republicans would not do anything like this." He is speaking about the bombs that were recently sent to political opponents. Robert DeNiro even got one. Now if you listen to conservative talk radio you will be hearing this all day long. Suddenly a party affiliation prevents you from doing bad things.
So what are you going to be for Halloween?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
I think I will just be myself and keep my porch light off. Why not? I live here alone.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Joe at NBC is exactly correct and Ivanka certainly acts clueless.
What happened today is ALL on 45.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Very true. He plays to his base and seems to make it plain that violence is OK. He praises the man who body slammed a reporter and has crowds chat to lock Hillary and others up. He tells everyone that the media is the enemy. Now there is another caravan coming and he blames all this including todays bombing attempts on Democrats. Hey, Bud. Your people have all the power and all you can get done is chaos. Let's vote blue and make America sane again. All we need is a balance of power and this nonsense will stop. Maybe they can get back to governing.
My new book & cover case was delivered today! Does everyone like it?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
I don't have one but I just use theirs online.
Are we all generally aware of the diff in Atheist and Agnostic?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Yes, more times than you want to know. The problem here is that when you state 100 percent that there is no god you have shifted the burden of proof to yourself and you must show evidence. There is no evidence either way.
Hope everyone is having a good hump day ?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Hey, that would straighten me up! Oh, you meant the week. Yep, 2 more days and I'm done!
Did you read it
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Reading his words that saying something 3 times and people would start to believe it was enough for me. It makes me hold a used car salesman in higher esteem.
BREAKING Pipes bombs to the Clintons, Obama, Soros, AND the White House.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
I'm not sure how the left used fear. If it is the left using fear and bombs also you would have to ask why all of Trumps people seem to be immune from the attacks. It would seem to me that this answers the question. The radical end of the Trump supporters are acting. I suppose that the Clintons, Obamas, Soros, etc. could be trying to do themselves harm and take out Time Warner and CNN at the same time, but this is highly unlikely. It was also Trump who said media is the enemy of the people.
Hitler like trump had a speech about “Nationalism”the night before the Reichstag Burned in 1933,...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
I agree with your every word. Believe me, I have a lot of fear for us. This insanity is dividing families and nobody cares. It's all about power.
Early voting started, if you think the Blue Wave will come easily, think again! []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
If we lose this one it will be a long haul of total bullshit. The problem is that many people are convinced that voting will not make a difference. When you do not vote that is correct. Vote and vote blue.
America Back to What?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
It's the craziest damned thing I've ever seen. In my area people keep saying Trump is alright because "he doesn't need the money" and they keep thinking he is going to be "giving us something" when he takes it away. In Facebook they thought I was one of them and sent me a forward to forward again and again to "help Trump drain the swamp." I quickly replied that Trump is the Swamp and a liar and a conman! I wouldn't walk across the street to see him.
What is the funniest gift you have received?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
One Christmas my now ex wanted to go back to Kenya for a visit. I either bought her air ticket or gave her $1000 spending money. I can't remember which but I told her that was her Christmas present. In turn she got me a small Mickey Mouse snow globe for that Christmas.
Fox News trolls Jamie Lee Curtis. Internet fights back with logic. []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Some day the idiots will get it that she is an actor and this is what she does for a living. It means simply that you portray somebody whom you are not. It is make believe. They pay you money to make believe. Fox is ridiculous!
Large is Large is... Large.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
The human one looks afraid to me.
I was blown away after being shown the story of the Egyptian god Horus and how Jesus was so similar.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Read "the World's 16 Crucified Saviors" by Kersey Graves if you can find it. Very old book and I have an old copy. Not perfect but it puts this all together pretty well for the time it was written.
Today was spent driving through NM, Texas and OK.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Totally ridiculous! Imagine someone from the future looking back and wondering what this is. Imagine again that Golgotha is the place of crucifixions in the time of Jesus but you have to bring your own cross. That hill would have plenty of them already. Nobody electrocuted in modern times had to bring their own electric chair. Totally ridiculous!
Bible Museum says five of its Dead Sea Scrolls are fake - BBC News
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
I've read this and now it is leading some to believe that all of the scrolls there show a "high probability" of being forgeries. Is this surprising when you consider that we get this museum from billionaire Steve Green of Hobby Lobby? He would do anything to prove that the bible is true and we are a Christian Nation. His museum effort is in place setting things up for DeVos, Pence, Mercers, Kock brothers et al so the teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation can be fostered upon all Americans. Having a religious work force is important to the type of slavery they will bring and many will swallow it all without question.
Science Proves It: Hot People Have it Easier - The Jim Jefferies Show []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Who and what are "pretty people?" They certainly have no connection to this person talking on here who has had so many procedures done. LMAO here.
There’s only one way to stop global warming
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Dump Trump. No more Donnie.
Nevada Voters, Republicans And Democrats, Are "Mad As Hell" (HBO) - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
**I feel for some of these people but the biggest problem is that they want to hang onto party affiliation above any ability to use logic**. I suggest that if your healthcare is important to you then you should vote for the party that is known to expand healthcare and not the ones that would take it away. Google it if you like but the GOP is known to take healthcare away and even though they are promising more right now, plans are in the works to balance the budget with more cuts to social security and medicare after the elections in November. If you do not believe that just look into things that Mitch McConnell said recently.
Robocall Calling Gillum a "Negro" and "Monkey"
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
They did this before and slowed down with it when caught. Now the election is close and they are scared. I'm not surprised one bit that this has started up once again. Koolaid drinkers are likely to tell you some nonsense about George Soros which makes them look more ignorant than they really are. No, Asshat. It's the GOP.
FACT CHECK: Is This a Photograph of the Trump/Cruz Political Rally in Texas?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
Trump even used false pics for his inauguration. Anyone aware of that fact should have known he was a skunk from day one and that he was likely to say anything.
GOP Candidates Lying About Health Care
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
Your post is correct. In my state a man who was elected state attorney general (Josh Hawley)and filed a lawsuit against allowing pre-existing healtcare conditions has now come out saying he is all for pre-existing conditions. He's also running for state senator and has no record to run on. The GOP is desperately running this man. The GOP is now saying all of their bad things are really the Democrats doings. It's all outright lies. OK. Here's how to vote.** Ask yourself which party repeatedly takes healthcare away** and then Google this as a fact check. It's the GOP every time. The good old Republicans.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
Sky News is always a good link.
Has your Atheism affected your patriotism?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
I love my country. I do not love or trust my government. This is because my current government is trying to drastically change my country.
Mueller's looking for a possible Stone-Wikileaks connection. []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
The fact that Trump does not use e-mail means he would need someone like Stone around to keep him up to date on what goes on. Part of this may bleed over into Stone's function with Trump in the last 30 years. That makes anything around election time very important to the Mueller investigation.
The new Dunce cap.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
Now that he has labeled himself he's sort of given you a heads up on what to expect. I'm sure it's because he really wants to wear his uniform.
Pumpkin spice!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
I like the way that punkin is spiced.
Is it good to read the news?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
I do more than read the news. I'm able to watch news broadcasts all over the world with various apps that I have. This is why I am not a Trumpian and do not drink the koolaid. For the rest of the world to see Trump as the moron that he is would take one hell of a conspiracy bordering on impossibility. Many on this site know that I am not a lover of Agolf Twitler or his insane policies.
Happy Birthday to me.... why do I feel so blue today?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
Hugs and a happy birthday to you. May you be turned several times today. Is that dancing? Why do they say many happy turns? I would hug you and pet your head but you are in Maryland. :)
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
Leave it to Fox News to bring up "Merry Christmas." They do it every time as if those words were in their bible or something. There is no "war on Christmas." If there is a war on anything involving theist belief it is a war on ignorance. Believe what you want to but it is NOT Jesus' birthday.
What are your thoughts on the Honduras refugees heading to our border?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
Your friend is like many people on this site. Rather than this caravan making Trump look bad it is most likely going to make him, his wall, and his dumbass supporters look good. Is it strange that this arrives just at a time of mid terms? I don't think so.
I love Halloween. I'm looking forward to seeing all the ladies that dress up as "Skankenstein".
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
Your post reminds me of a real movie called "Frankenhooker." It was funny but could have been better if it had a bigger budget.
Pro-Life Congressman Tim Murphy Aborts His Career: The Daily Show []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
It all makes perfect sense. He had to get her an abortion before his abortion ban sets in as law. It's all in the timing.
Me and 2 friends at work dressed as the Sanderson Sisters last year for Halloween.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2018:
You guys look good but I have to con fess I do not know who the Sanderson Sisters are.
Do it one more time, I dare you!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
The shirt is funny but to be serious here for a minute I have to ask why a person that is going to be crucified has to have his own cross. Did they just use them once and then you cannot use it again? If people were crucified on that hill and it was a common practice the hill most likely already had crosses. Besides, the bibble says only 3 were crucified that day. Imagine death by the electric chair but you have to have a new chair every time. Then rather than take the guy to the chair you make him carry the chair to wherever they are going to use it. Just sayin.'
Growing Up Surrounded by Books Could Have a Powerful, Lasting Effect on the Mind
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
I had more books when I was younger and I read more as a younger man. Today I gleen what I can from the Net and have lots of sources, but the books were really my thing as a teen. Most of my books were paperback because we were poor. I had many paperbacks for over 10 years and they looked new because I respect books. Our small communities also had book stores that dealt with many used books. I still have a couple of rare ones but I wrote my name in them so maybe they are not valuable. Today I hardly ever read a book coz I'm lazy, but I like e-pubs and my computer does read me a few of these.
Best kind of pumpkin patch ???
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
How much money could I make if I invested $15,000 in medical pot futures? Would I be a drug dealer?Medicinal pot is legal now here and in Canada.
AMERICAN EMPIRE IS DEAD History has proven nothing if not that empires rise and fall.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
We are in a condition of collapse and those in power at this moment are the ones doing the collapsing. I feel that we are much like Rome being governed by Caligula's horse. Oh, wait. I think he only put the horse in the Senate. Is that like a Jackass in the White House?
Atheist = Depressed?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
Atheism set me free. But if you need a good crutch and was upset to find out the Easter Bunny was not real it could be depressing for a time.
If you can vote early, do it.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
I'll probably vote November 6th before I go to work.
I experience this similar sentiment when I date. Suddenly I am "too much, too loud"
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
Strong women are no problem but anybody coming on too strong is a problem. I'm not god's gift to women. As such I don't hang out with anyone who thinks they are. Logic dictates that I'm not so fond of god's gift to men either. (It's only words. I do not believe in gods.) :)
Birth control should be given and mailed just like viagra.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
Birth control should be all about -** birth control.** I think the days of replenishing the earth are pretty much over. It appears that our earth has been "plenished" enough. It is possible that the love of your life was trapped in a condom or even spilled on the ground but that is only half of the story. As such it's not very likely.
There are some men I would love to say this to.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
So well put. Thank you.
I just received the most hysterically funny scam-spam email.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
When you get this kind of junk they always give themselves away in so many ways. This letter has several but the term** "a highly placed official"** is one of them. Years ago my ex wife got one from her credit card company and it was from** "your most esteemed CEO."** Had she have fallen for it the sender would have all of her credit card info very quickly.
The Screens [caitlinjohnstone.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
I can agree with Caitlin Johnstone pretty easily. Her article seems to bring out what is really going on these days.
The Ongoing Enigma of the Crop Circles: Part Three And now for the non-explanations (continued)!...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
After 20 years of studying things like this I stopped reading Fate magazine along with a few others and decided that it was all a bunch of bunk. The journey that such things as this take you on is a great big circle of which, when studied long enough, arrives back at the point where you first began.
A still relevant article on achievement that trump can only wish for []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
I keep hearing that bullshit of "suffering 8 years under Obama." When they say it they give themselves away immediately. How did you suffer? Was it because this man was black? At least you didn't have to suffer 8 years of his constant tweets. I don't want constant tweets regardless of Trump's color. Dump Trump and vote blue.
It's going to get a point where tRump pisses off so many of our allies that they will turn on the US...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 22, 2018:
We all need to vote blue, but a "mess cleaner upper" would be nice also. How about putting Trump in the middle of that migrant caravan?
Not just anti-Trump
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
This president himself is simply a sad by-product. He's a by-product of those who somehow thought they were being left out and someone else was getting what they thought should be theirs. The plan must have worked because the average white man now feels like the Kock brothers and friends. Amazing what a few lies will do.
This is worth 3 minutes of your day. It's so amazing. []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
DO YOU LIKE MY NEW T-SHIRT? It fits perfectly! :D
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
I love it and it fits you perfectly. You look great!
What if we fed people instead of giving weapons to people that dismember journalists?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
I like your idea but somewhere long the line a bunch of people would decide that with guns they could go get the food (and other stuff) of all those people that were being fed, and if the people did not like it they would kill them and take their stuff anyway.
Seen on Facebook
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
I didn't like this liar even before he became POTUS. Besides, he didn't show us his birth certificate. How do I know where he was born of if his middle name really is John?
Who is still feeling that is was wrong to confirm a man to the supreme court that fibbed outright in...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
Yes, I'm still against Kavanope and so many lies were told. Trump lied about Ford and went so far as to say Kavanope was "found innocent." When was the trial? Now poor Kavanope is vindicated even though it was almost certain that women were out to ruin him on a daily basis. Men cannot walk down the street without wondering if they might be raped. Some women just want to ruin men, so watch your child when he is at college. Tell him to cross the street so as to avoid a suspicious looking woman walking towards him. This man's love of beer tells me he's not right for the job, and I'm a beer drinker. I also thought that he cried too frigging much. Political Reality TV drama.
Religious Trauma Syndrome: How some organized religion leads to mental health problems ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
If I went to an Evangelical church today I'm not sure I could sit through a sermon. On the other hand if anyone would allow a TV comedy about it I have many ideas. The problem is that it's not comedy. People think that you have to show reverence for their mental delusion and they get very angry if you do not.
"Human power depends on mass cooperation, mass cooperation depends on manufacturing mass identities ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
These read like the words of a very smart man. I was not aware of him until reading these words today.
Truly a position the world should have.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
The irony here is that I can see what's going on today and know that living conditions just like in "Road Warrior" are not so far away from us. If we continue we will have to have certain areas or states where certain types live and get along.
Is It Time For A Serious Discussion About Execution for Treason if Mueller Proves Trump Committed ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
This looks a little extreme and the powers that be would never go for it. What could easily happen here is another civil war because of beliefs of both parties. What else would you expect when some people are so committed to Trump that it would not matter to them if he openly committed murder?
LOTTERY is growing and getting bigger.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
I'm going to play about $4 worth on PB and Mega until somebody wins the big one. Ideas of showing combined winnings on each game is an enticement to get you to play. It's greed on the part of the lotto people. No one person has ever won both games.
Politicon 2018: Charlie Kirk debates Hasan Piker []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
One of these men does not know very much and wants to cover for that fact by not letting the other man talk.
So nice to lay around all day, reading napping and doing nothing!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
That's what I do on weekends. TV, nap, read, computer. Just take it easy. I take at least one nap every day.
Sonseed - Jesus Is My Friend
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
I had to stop it. Dead people are not my friend. Bad song.
I thought this was satire at first but it seems not. []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
OMG! How do we "let in a spirit?" Your nose, eyes, ears, mouth, etc. are all open. The nose more open than anything. I believe that many spirits get in through an orifrice of the backside.
I can also see this coming up out of the yard by the entry way with motion sensor red lights in the ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
Looks impressive.
Are Media Matters and George Soros Behind the Social Purge?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
As if George Soros had to get to Central America someway in giving the people there money to make them leave. Why would I want to believe this? It must be a really large operation so explain how it works and what it costs. Fake Russian collusion? Explain that one too. Since the 1950's the United States has been involved deeply in elections and politicking in Central America, Africa, and much of the rest of the world, often ending up with bad results. Why would I not believe that Russia could be involved in our affairs? We've been involved in the affairs of everyone else. Is there truth in media? Are we perhaps being set up to believe that both sides are equally as bad so there is really nothing we can do about anything anyway. This last idea promotes nothing but apathy.
I couldn't have put it better myself:
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
Really some stupid arguments. I went in to a new gun shop in my area yesterday just to check it out. Bore 2 they call it. This is all about your Constitution and your gun rights. They also sell a wristband type "pledge"as they call it. Who's going to take their guns? Who? What idiots! Go blue in November.
Sharing this shows my age, I guess...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
Great song. The cat that made it used to be named Stevens.
Image of God created, based on psychologists' study at UNC | Charlotte Observer
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
I saw both pics and I don't get it. This looks like some guy I went to school with but I can't put a name on him.
Sums it up perfectly for me!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
That is correct and such laws have nothing to do with your invisible friends.
Best thing in my Facebook Newsfeed today
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
It's these same daily clarifications that ruin most of my days for me. I don't need this. I think one thing that made Obama so great was that he didn't have to get his ass in the news every day with some stupid shit.
Do you think the world will see another Hitler?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
I'm surprised that we have not seen Drumpf in full military uniform already. This idea surely must tempt him very much. Agolf Twitler in the flesh.
Houston Chronicle Endorses Beto O'Rourke In TX Senate Race | The Last Word | MSNBC []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 21, 2018:
This is a very important endorsement indeed.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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